Driving thoughts

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The crazy part is here
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Can’t tell well? Here
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Here corner of the SAFTESBURY ROAD and the parramatta road
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Why is this certain area mad?
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I use M4 everyday
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It finishes with 2 lanes, A and B
Screen Shot 22018-05-25 at 12.04.10 am
and becomes 3 lanes, 1,2, and 3
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in this 1.5 km, i’m lost in my deep thoughts

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  1. If I stay on Lane 3, I am likely fucked because sometimes there are too many cars which want to turn right (because they want to go Burwood), and its long queue is over the right-turn-lane to the Lane 3. Therefore I have to wait until the right turn sign turns to green, even though I’m not going to Burwood. When everyone turns right and finally I am the first one on Lane 3, IT’S ALREADY BLOODY RED LIGHT.
  2. If I stay on Lane 2, there would be 2 problems. Firstly, stay on Lane 2 means
    Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 12.04.10 am
    Most likely stay on Lane A on M4. Lane A becomes Lane 2 and Lane B becomes Lane 3

    However, I don’t like to stay on Lane A on M4 because

    Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 12.45.18 am.png
    There is an another exit before my exit. Sometimes there’s light traffic (because what, people going to straty? *because I use this exit when I go Strathfield.) and I just don’t like it. It feels like Lane B is slightly faster than Lane A.(and it’s not scientifically proved) So I personally prefer stay on the Lane B than Lane A While I’m on M4.

    There never will be such wasting time like staying on Lane 3. HOWEVER,

    Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 1.05.42 am.png
    I turn right here about 180-200 days a year.
    Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 1.21.56 am.png
    Lane 1 and 2 is combined after Ashfield bunnings. Which means, ㄱ : Lane 3 has less cars.  ㄴ : Moving 2 lanes to right isn’t better than moving a lane to right.

    Do you already think I am overly neurotic or think way too much? I haven’t started yet, what do you mean?

*Recording voice note through iphone*

I judge good driver and bad driver by the number of how many steps on their brake. For instance, from Silverwater to Marrickville. If you step on your brake 100 times, not too bad. 75 times? you’re OK driver, 50 times semi-pro, 25 times = pro. Some people use their brake too much. Reasons are uncountable. Maybe they over/under estimate front/rear car’s speed, Maybe they care too much, so wants to make ridiculously perfect distance between their’s and other’s and so on. If you’re good driver, you should know how much amount of pressure to the accelerator makes subtle speed difference. When you notice there’s red light 500m ahead, you should be able to calculate your current speed, plus minus, from the time when you step on the brake to the time you reach to the traffic light plus minus, whatever it is, plus minus, everything plus minus and then put just RIGHT amount of pressure on your foot and press the brake, alright? not too difficult, you just have to feel it. I don’t exactly remember though, (ted talk or some uni graduation speech or I don’t know) He said ‘be a teacher’. Because sharing knowledge is literally..good. (I can’t find any other better expression, it’s just good, isn’t it?) spread intelligence, information so people don’t harm themselves from their ignorance. Then I recall, when I just got my first smart, my EX was teaching me how to drive. I tried to reverse but didn’t look back only looked through mirror.(n00b) I hit the wall lightly, He yelled at me. I cried. Don’t be a mean teacher. You don’t angry at baby which is learning how to walk. They never done that so don’t be so mean and remember you were also n00b before. Patience, prerequisite of all kind of teachers, instructors. Yoga taught me how impatient I was. What I do is only pilates and weight training not yoga (yet) but what i’m saying is I under-estimated yoga, fuck it takes time! like long time. .. .

I thought

Normal people : an hour a day = 365 hours a year

Me : 10 hours a day = 3650 hours a year, 365 hours within 36 and half day.

Therefore, if I do really intensely, I can chase normal yogi ,who has been training a year, within 5 weeks

wrong. (and i didn’t even do 10 hours a day)

*Listening weekly discovery by spotify*

This is my second Smart car. I think all smart car owners are cool because I didn’t even look for good audio system but my previous one and current one has good(enough for me) built-in car audio. My car shaking if i turn volume up to maximum, really strong base doom doom doom. I don’t listen music so often, if someone asks me what’s your favourite song I don’t have one. . maybe I’m more stimulated by visual excitation than auditive? . . maybe that’s why I’m happier when I see the result instantly? and I do not understand ASMR !!!!!!

Instant result after Hip thrust makes me happy but

fuck yeah instant result

When i found myself has improved heaps, noticed that I’m not even trying hard, it just happened one day, just day by day, little small tiny things every day made huge difference.. that was an another f~e~e~l~i~n~g~ still don’t know how to express this one. it’s positive. Remember I cried so many times while I was training jiu-jitsu competition, If i could win everyone with few weeks intense training, why others can’t? I underestimated all others’ time, efforts, money, whatever they spent on something they really like. time.time. time… I’ve seen really nice quote but can’t think of it well, something like ‘there’s no shortcut to every worth place’ (?)  By the way, recording is really nice, you can just bullshit 24 hours without knowing what you’re talking about. Anyway, I feel too much pressure to finish it. I don’t have to be nervous because I can’t see the result right now. Life is long and I’m only 29, and it’s only 5mins to my place. Writing is good because you know yourself better. Why try hard to understand others, It makes 0 sense, is it even possible to understand others? Let’s write more, I’m over puberty and I want to be different from all those blemishes if i could. and I’m nearly home. or maybe just let’s


attach great importance to e v e r y t h i n g . Seriously. I’m sometimes too much. Tomato, Elephant, moderate amount… moderate amount. The most important English word is Moderation. 그냥.. 기분이 조금 좋거나 나빠도 앞으로도 이렇게 떳떳하고 당당하게 살면 좋겠어. 남에게 친절하고. 30살 별거 없더라고

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  1. You discovered the benefits of yoga! Nice!
    Thanks, I will check out David Foster Wallace,

  2. Oh yeah I know that traffic area but will have to read again when I’m not falling asleep.

  3. You can’t hope to put on muscle whilecutting back to 1400 kj per day. Your body will just eat the muscle you already have.

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