Month: June 2018

The Ultimate Aus99 AR Guide for the noob punters.

Do you read After report often? One of the largest brothel/adult parlour forum in Sydney. Once they helped me a lot make easy money (since there is 0 woman user) I eventually got sick of too many losers (I am one of them tbh) there so asked admin to ban me. With this approach […]


So, i was planning to leave Sydney on around Feb~ March, though, luckily i could postpone a year longer or something. My bank account never had more than a thousand dollars in my life. But like my diet, i crammed it. What can I do other than saving money since I knew I’m gonna leave? […]

Karma bitch

I got new yoga mat on my birthday right, like last Friday. It was pretty, Pink mat + beige kinda grey strap combination. After 2 classes, I mean on Saturday I decided to leave my mat there because everyone seems leave their mat there. There are 3 options. Bring your own every time when you […]