Karma bitch

I got new yoga mat on my birthday right, like last Friday.

It was pretty, Pink mat + beige kinda grey strap combination.

pleasant steps to yoga class~ 💫 [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
After 2 classes, I mean on Saturday I decided to leave my mat there because everyone seems leave their mat there.

There are 3 options.

  1. Bring your own every time when you attend class.
  2. Hire public mat for $2
  3. Leave it like above.

It’s heavy, i mean not heavy-heavy, but think about it I don’t drive to City (it’s bodymindlife in Surryhills) unless it’s weekend. So I need to bring it from middle of Marrickville to Sydenham station, and 4-5pm Central station is really busy so I could probably hit people with mat, It’s annoying. So I leave it there and it stayed until Wednesday. I took 2 classes on Wednesday with my friend, one was for beginner other one was advanced class. Advanced class had almost 25-30 people and I sweat like eggplant. omg so good! Anyway, that was the last time I used my pretty pink reversible mat with grey strap on it.

I skipped Thursday, I go gym on Thursday instead and I went there today, exactly a week after I got that mat, it’s disappeared. I spent a while to look it up,

IMG_9522 copy.jpg

If you’ve ever done yoga, you know how dirty your mat is after a session. All the sweat, dirt from feet, hands, whatever from your body and from floor. And the fuck why you steal it?

Firstly I got angry because it was barely used, it was almost new, A thief stole it anyhow with fucking bad intention. Thieves are bad because they get other’s, without purchasing. Imagine yoga mat and straps are not cheap. I had to work almost 1 or 1 and half day to get it. and the fuck mat thief in bodymindlife got it for free?! unacceptable.

But then I found my fault as well. I didn’t put name tag on, It seems like every mat or mat bag has its name tag on it. Ok, there was no name, but that doesn’t mean you can have it fuck you mat stealer! then It made me think of losing yogi’s humanity, …  I mean… I thought all yogi/yoginis are cool people. I thought They want to find meaning of life, maybe it’s too deep but at least like

look what it says, It’s lululemon’s shopping bag

Self discovery? self discipline??? devotion????? generosity?????? purity?????????????? This is yoga????? did I expect too much again? Why people are like this, how fucked up is that?

Then I’m like, put it all down, breath, relax, yeah.. you learn from experience, I’ll never ever again leave my yoga mat or whatever it is in public area. This is not my first yoga mat. Last time mine was similar, but different.

I had glossy black mat with redish-pink strap. The pink strap was the POINT and it was very cute. I got it a year ago because I was always looking for a reason why people mad at yoga. I didn’t use it much because I still couldn’t find a reason until this year,.

Anyway if you know Romi, Romi borrowed my mat and strap early of this year. She said she’s gonna do yoga at home. I didn’t use it for long after bloody hell hot boiling yoga @fivedock. (I think it was like at least 40 degree)


So I was like mmm kay, but anytime if I decide to do yoga again, please give me back.

and She disappeared like she never exist 😀 wtf is that? I thought She’s my friend. We ate together, work together, go home together.. we were together all the time for like a year. and now what, you disappear like you never exist? with my mat? ?????????? ?? it’s cute glossy black mat and strap!!!!!! !!!! I still don’t know the reason why she disappeared with no reason. Maybe she wants new life, maybe she didn’t like me but pretended she does because you know, I tried my best to make her busy, etc who knows, important thing is my YOGA FREAKING MAT. Then I remember, I still owe her like $300-ish. Because I was poor last year, if you know…


I think it’s a karma. When she disappears like fucking bbq smoke I was like you lil bitch I still owe you $300, yoga mat and strap only cost 200ish so what you gonna do about it? and now what

I know She’s still in Sydney, people send me snaps of her like they play where’s wally.

Some saw her in Straty, some saw her in city. (Please stop sending me a picture, it hurts) I didn’t try to contact her at all when she deleted all her account from messenger, I could try harder to contact her what’s going on, what happened to her, but why would I? I was upset too. If you don’t want to talk to me, that’s OK.

Anyway, that karma bitch hit me so hard and it makes me feel like I’m not proud of myself because I still owe her. lol weird logic I know but it made feel a little better since I got ditched. I got dumped by ex and by a female-friend as well. What a sad life.

Think about it, the mat stealer could steal other’s but mine. Isn’t it bit weird? Like i lost my opal card on Wednesday as well, i topped up $40 that very day and it’s not registered. I left my umbrella on train that day too. All those things.. it’s classic me. No surprise, classic careless Chelsea but what about yoga mat? Why me????? Why?????? There are a lot butwhymine

anyway, It’s better if I believe KARMA IS REAL. Everything happens with reason. But if karma is real, am i that bad????? Like i deserve to lost opal card, umbrella, and remember this year my car tyre got pop-ed middle of M4. What kind of life is that?

I wanted to get manduka’s mat but not like this early…. … . . … . . .. . . .

Went to here because

This one looks fine,
But this is dying

I don’t have energy to write more, writing this whole blog got me upset! 🙁

***Editing on 10th Jun

My teacher found my yoga mat, it was in a drawer because i didn’t put the name tag on. It was my fault!!!! All yogi/yogini are cool as just before!

Justice is served!!!

8 thoughts on “Karma bitch”

  1. Sorry to hear about your Yoga Mat. I think it is a good idea to bring it and take it home each time. You will look cool too! 🙂

  2. I wonder why people cut off contact without an explanation. Strange.
    Gone to another place of work? New bf told her to?
    Shame… my hour eas actually good…

  3. You made a good point. You couldn’t reconcile the ‘good will to all mankind’ thinking that yoga teaches with someone pinching your mat. The contradiction turned out to be wrong. For a few days it made you sad with the world. I’m glad your mat is back. As you say it was 1.5 days worth of work.

    Your plant might need to be put in the sun. Indoor light might not be strong enough. Also, try some plant food nutirents, not too much.

  4. I think Romi is looking for a new life! That’s why she just let go of the past that including you ! One day you may do the same! who knows?

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