So, i was planning to leave Sydney on around Feb~ March, though, luckily i could postpone a year longer or something. My bank account never had more than a thousand dollars in my life. But like my diet, i crammed it. What can I do other than saving money since I knew I’m gonna leave?

Saving is quiet simple, you don’t buy unnecessary things. You don’t need 10 yoga pants because you only wear your favourite one. You don’t need 5 chrome hearts rings because you hardly wear one, you don’t need manolo blahnik, either fuckin givanchy bag all those are pretty but you hardly wear. ㅠㅠ eye lash extension and hair colouring is not avoidable, and food for survival. Except those i restrict myself from spending money and i could saved some money.

I enjoyed pilates much but i’m in love with yoga. It’s really hard to wake your small body part up, which wasn’t in use for long time. There are few major muscles we usually use in our daily life, like quads, shoulders, neck etc but imagine you’re doing barbell row.


Back exercise is the hardest work-out for me. Legs day? of course it’s tiring but at least you know where to stretch and contract. (it was worse before because my hip flexor was much tighter) whereas BACK, I can’t feel anything. Imagine you’re doing dead lifts, squats, end of the move you squeeze, right? you know where to squeeze but when it comes to barbell row, single dumbbell row, straight arm pull down, just pull down… WHERE DO I SQUEEZE?

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.16.13 pm

These days I feel little more around under armpits, lower back but I still have no clue about lower back. I can’t feel very well. I lift but I can’t tell whether i’m using my arms or back. So many pull down rep then I lose my under-armpits feel as well. It’s because we don’t get used to use those muscles I guess, but then after yoga I know much more about my body, very detailed as well. It’s like

I didn’t know there’s something I can control but I have been having this since I was born wtf?

The most improved body part in 2018 is my shoulders.

I have chronic shoulder pain. It comes from shoulder (I assume) through my neck, some times it goes to headache and when it’s really serious, my eyeballs are in pain too.

Me af

But these days I try to put down the bone around shoulders, is it called shoulder blades? I’m not too sure now


that red coloured bone, is that a shoulder blade? anyway, try to make you shoulders far far away from your ear. like force to put it down, use your armpit power … why I’m explaining this now???? ???

Oh! my shoulder to neck pain. nevermind, it’s not important. Important thing is I’m in love with yoga because

  1. it makes me perform better when I work-out
  2. it certainly helps my insomnia, restless, and anxiety

you know I don’t even drive passive aggressively and it’s quiet big thing. I always stop when it starts to change yellow light, I don’t overtake someone who overtakes me (aka revenge overtake) I drink tea instead of coffee, wtf is this? I started it with an hour beginner session, feels great but somehow not enough. From last week I’m doing 2 hours a day and it’s still not satisfied. I just want to do 24/7. The more I know about it the more I wanna do it!!!

After sweaty session you laid back, listen what instructor says, I’m slightly high from what, I don’t know!!! boo zhi dao!!! oh mm ji! I don’t know why I like something so much which I didn’t like it for 30 years, right?!??!! like mushroom! like capsicum! I didn’t eat for 20 years! regret days! but yeah! because I wanna do yoga 24/7 nothing else, I go Bali!!!! I have some money to spend, so why not! let’s do it!!! I thought flight ticket would be cheaper since everyone says Indonesia and Australia is quite close, but it’s not. It’s more exxy than going to Korea. I wanted to be there right now but it’s $500~$700 cheaper if I leave middle of July. I got the ticket, I got the hotel. I’m so excited >_< again

7 thoughts on “Bali”

  1. Sounds like Yoga is awesome. I should try it. Very happy to hear you are finally going to Bali. I’m excited for you! It’s great to have something to look forward to. 🙂

  2. It made me laugh that you want to do yoga “24 / 7” . You do tend to take things on really enthusiastically, but then burn yourself out by becomig too obsessed and then losing interest. But yoga does have a “pleasure and pain” principle that I can see you’d like. Whereas Brazilian Ju-Jitsu was more just pain… : – )

    Are you going to Bali by yourself? What are your plans to do there? Not just go to the beach?

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