The Ultimate Aus99 AR Guide for the noob punters.

Do you read After report often?

One of the largest brothel/adult parlour forum in Sydney. Once they helped me a lot make easy money (since there is 0 woman user) I eventually got sick of too many losers (I am one of them tbh) there so asked admin to ban me. With this approach you can minimise your money waste by fucking bullshiters everywhere 😀 I write this without any bias, so please enjoy and if you have any questions, Please comment down below.

1. Filter supporters

If the writer posts only for 1 shop

good examples

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.14.29 pm.png
rooter – ginza
Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.27.55 pm
wilisno – dreamgirls

Don’t forget these ones lol hope you’re smart enough to catch it

Dreamgirls x admin 

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 5.27.50 pmScreen Shot 2017-07-14 at 5.26.56 pm

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.16.49 pm.png
xboyx – ginza
Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.40.50 pm.png
Maximpact – 5stars


Let’s try to compare with these guys

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.35.21 pm
quackm2002 – 42, 5stars, ginza, kyoto, n5m
Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.38.08 pm
beta101 – 5stars, ginza, other massage places, n5m
Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.42.20 pm.png
assandlegs – 244, 42, 64, ginza, mascara club, n5m
Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.44.08 pm.png
bigdipper – 5stars, ginza, kyoto, sakura

You see the difference?

2. Skip these weirdos

  • Brothercreeper Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.56.56 pmHe enjoys BBFS(Yes, not protected sex) much, so you don’t want to put yours in somewhere where it’s been.. like.. you know
ew GIF
Enough said

I think he tries hard to change his reputation in forum though, well, last time He recorded how he fucks working ladies (yeah without condom) and sent me the video link etc like just

hungry late show GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Shame I got banned from forum, I have not saved that video, but have the link in my inbox. hmmm… you might can get from woods23 (because I forwarded to him) and… I don’t remember other members maybe

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.53.28 pm.png?

Actually, I don’t really rememberwho I forwarded 🙁 let’s not bother them, just ask brothercreeper direct, He will happily send you. ew ew ew!!!!!!!!


  • Lenka_X5 (a.k.a jeter) Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.58.21 pmScreen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.59.11 pm.png

 OH MY GAWD, I’m done with this guy. I actually did put his face on my blog in past because he’s too dickhead, but then I deleted it since he apologised me. But It’s still in my I cloud. hehehehehe (his signature laughing sound 🙂 )

Just skip this one’s AR;;;; full of bullshit

One of oldest member but oldest bullshit maker (scammer)Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 1.19.46 pm

babycat illegal masage

bella illegal massage

qvb something illegal massage

I have no energy to explain all those bullshit, Massage isn’t my major as well, when people call someone out loudly, there must be a reason. If you use ‘search’ function in Aus99 for a while you’ll be like

chris evans what GIF


I’ll update if any more idea comes up



Working girls are human being not android, their mood changes a bit more extreme than non-working girls due to …. I guess environment. You could say “but this is your JOB.” well.. yeah you’re not in always mood as well? maybe it’s my excuse ㅋㅋ

and also

Don’t rely on After report too much, some girls might be hyped some girls might be hidden.



I’ll let you know guys how to detect fake pictures 🙂 I know some of yours already know. If anyone remembers ‘fake picture detector’ username in Aus99, It was me. It was good fun to find fake pictures (esp Korean girls) but well, they deleted all my comments and username as well. (not ban but delete)

reference :

that’s why I don’t believe his review. I am wondering how much shops and agencies offer him to write fuckin bull shit review.


.. better let you all know so you can look up if it’s suspicious.


If you see the picture that is too good to be true, save it, or at least copy image address.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 8.49.13 pm.png
I know how she looks tbh, so I was like WTF lol


and then go to

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 8.58.14 pm.png

put your suspicious picture in and then


Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 8.49.59 pm.png

You see the result, click on it

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 8.50.27 pm.png

Image result for that easy bob ross
“that easy”

With Iphone you can’t do so I downloaded app which is this.



The purpose of this article is helping you out from overly praised, or just paid reviews. You don’t have to screenshot every single fake damn reviews and send me unless you comment it and let others know.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 10.40.00 am

Do your thing. Be dumb fuck or comment it loud let others know it’s fake. Unless you can, you can just skip reading specific writer/shop ‘s reviews. Don’t have to be a pussy.

121 thoughts on “The Ultimate Aus99 AR Guide for the noob punters.”

  1. To point 1.), what if some of them are legitimately people who don’t like visiting other shops because they’re satisfied with that one or two already?

    And 2.), basically avoid half of the more active users?

    1. you could think that way 🙂 no harsh feeling. but those less than 10 guys are not the half of the active users if you look close. if I name it, to be exact. 1.rooter, 2.xboyx, 3.wilisno, 4.brothercreeper, 5.Lenka_X5, 6.maximpact

      it’s not half <3 xoxo

      1. however this blob is written by Christmas, who manages No 5 Marrickville, so how is it not bias?

  2. Lolololololololol

    Best post in ages.

    I have Brothelcreeper link and Lenka pic if you want

  3. This is a great blog and you’ve identified all the shill reviewers. I actually don’t bother reading reviews from most of these guys. At least I was identified as being legit – I think!

  4. Noob : Who are you celski?
    Chelski : I’m the one telling you how it is…

    You forgot to point out, that those members talk about being a gentleman and have respect to the wls, and every cunt there jump up and down in their shining armors, when someone says a wls got disrespected all all the while they talk about shoving their cocks into their mouth, shooting their load into it, getting the el wls to lick their arses!

    In the den of lonely losers
    The hypocrisy lies within…

  5. Chelsea, you missed the shill whose reviews I hate the most. Cisco!! He seems to have gone very quiet

    1. True i forgot about cisco since he posted his last hyped review ages ago.

      The reason why i don’t like his is simple. English is my second language too but his English is somehow way too fucked. And Cisco saw me in reallife few times and fucked once but never wrote my review so i hate him secretly 💖

      1. Ha. I never wrote a review of you either… do you also secretly hate me too? 😉 is that why we’ve never actually gone out for lunch?

        1. FWIW the night we fucked I was tired af and really just wanted a blowie. which is pretty much what we ended up doing.

          1. Cool story bro.

            Matt to bad your mum just didnt stick to a blowie with your dad. That would of saved us all from having to read your boring shit.

            Buy your own lunch tightass

  6. I did read the reviews regularly, but yes some were a bit suspect
    Best recommendation came from you Chelsea!!

  7. i have never come upon anyone who has corrupted the English language to the extent that Cisco has.

    English is my second language too!

    I never wrote a review of you either 😓

    1. “I have never come upon anyone who has corrupted the English language to the extent that Cisco has.”
      He’s my favourite reviewer for this reason. I thought his reviews were classics. I also loved his excessive use of emojis.( I have never been able to find these on Chelsea’s site) For sheer entertainment value Cisco was great. Come back Cisco!!

    1. Holy fuck I got a headache after reading a few paragraphs. He shouldn’t be allowed to English

  8. I hate the way he writes. As Jerry said, noone’s English is that fucked so it’s put on. Second – way too much shill, Pandora being a good example. She was a very average experience.

    I hate shill. It’s the scourge of review sites.

  9. Jerry, I wanted to ask. You’ve got Lenka aka Jeter. You’ve been able to confirm it’s him?

    I hit him with it recently and he denied it

  10. Club278 is a complete joke. I can’t tell if people are just trying to hype it up or if they are just naive. Everyone is claiming it’s great value when the girls who work there are previously from shops that offer even cheaper prices. I always cringe when I read the reviews that say “ginza standard”. Its the same bloody girl. Open your fucking eyes. If you fucked her last week, you would’ve paid $160. You’re now paying $220 and next week you’ll pay $240. Maybe I’m just saying what everyone already knows…

    1. Don’t you think Aus99 better be called ginza99 or Aus278 since admin is full supportive to them, they even all delete negative comments about ginza(or dreamgirls) and straight ban. They never helped me when Lenka made my day.

      Just curious dreamgirls mamasan fucks wilisno regularly as well. So intimate 💖
      Another out of curiousity, if dreamgirls ever fights ginza, (ginza currently is trying hard to poach one girl from them, and did few times if you know) will wilisno /or admin support ginza? Or dreamgirls 🤭🤔 ㅋㅋㅋ

      1. Are the admins supportive of them because they get paid, or do the people behind Ginza/Dreamgirls straightup own the aus99 forums? Would be a real shame to see free speech and objective reviews on the industry be silenced because of shady business practices.

        I guess an alternative to bucking this trend would be to set up a new forum for shops and WLs but the problem is who would be willing to spend the cost, time and effort to try getting another forum going.

        Also Chelsea, what do you think of the punterplanet website? Are the admins/members there just as shill? Because I read it sometimes too, and some of the users overlap between punterplanet, aus99 and auxxx.

        1. I’m going to speak up for Punterplanet. I was there at the beginning of PP, the predecessor forum FIA and the predecessor forum to that, MFIA. AndyJ who owns and runs PP tries his best to be objective and he shows no fear or favour to advertisers.

          Of course you get shill there because it can be hard to prove but you don’t see the absolutely in your face blatant shill like from the individuals named above.

          You don’t see posts disappear for no reason and you don’t see unfavorable posts being modified or deleted unless there is a good reason for that.

        2. 我不知道, Wǒ bù zhīdào, I have no Idea, 모르겠어요.(about admin x ginza x dreamgirls)
          I would love to know too. So I can stir shit for free for 24/7 you know…

          regard punterplanet, I made username once and posted like hi how you doin It’s Jerry I was wl blah blah blah but then forgot to check comments later on, never logged in again.
          I had few customers from auxxx and they were all motherfuckers. Their first greeting was like
          “hi I write review on auxxx so you must give me special price and girl should provide special service”
          I was like
          “fuck off” (but in a nice way)

          I think n5m advertised there(auxxx) for a while and then stopped because as I said they fuckin threatened us like above and it was quite expensive too if my memory is correct. you’ve got to pay regularly too to Aus99 and how many shops, agencies advertise there? Over 100 I assume, so It’s good money. +free fuck for admin? ㅋ

          Once I set the new forum which was graveyard for people who got banned, long story short It’s not fun if all shitstirrers are together but no-one else. we trolls, enjoy fuck around admins and shills but there was no one to bully 🙁 that’s no fun@!
          try to type in ‘’ in Aus99. it turns to **********.net ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they hate me like I hate them 💕

          1. Yeah stuff auxxx, their mods are literal nazi hardasses when it comes to adhering to their strict forum rules and policies, no wonder their user engagement is so low.

            I just don’t understand how there can be so much drama when it comes to these kinds of forums tbh. Wish everyone could get along in a more friendly manner :/

  11. The same shills have popped up on ausxxx as well. The “private” they shill on aus99 got reviews from completely new accounts who then come back and post updated photos. Also make excuses for Bagot and switch haha. The admins got dirty when other users questioned it.

    The next week the private is a paid advertiser. Fancy that.

  12. How come so many here agree that syd99 is full of shills and bullshit reports but yet few actually say anything against the shills on syd99?
    Act like men here but mice over at syd99. A bit pathetic really.

    1. Cause the biggest queen on the forum (Wilisno) deletes post and criticisms from other punters.

      The monkey brained admin doesnot help either.

      How could you have someone who abused other senior members like Bongkong does Shillungor continue to post and yet anyone who put that maggot Dreamgirls stooge in his place always gets banned ?

      That forum is a joke.

  13. Maxybro you hang around long enough you are those sorts of posts, like I’m sure the link to this page, get quickly deleted.

    For now aus999 still seems to have the most genuine traffic so is useful, but the bullshit to reality ratio is substantially increasing which I suspect is turning people off.

    Plus admins continue to turn blind eye to advertiser post bumping in reviews (I simply don’t bother with the after report section now unless I’m filtering), and users post bumping to 50 (only to find out there isn’t much action behind the curtain).

    I suspect as a result there are a number of offline WeChat/WhatsApp style groups for the select few. If these ever get turned into a proper forum (because it is easier to search and filter) then aus99 is dead

  14. I will reveal the real reasons behind my feud with ALHUNGOR and Babycat. After Dokes was banned Christmas set up Trolls Graveyard for me. I used it to launch attacks on Syd 99.
    Sure enough it attracted Syd 99 attention especially after i targeted Ginza.
    AL PM that if i stop i would be allowed back on Syd 99 no strings attached and
    CL would leave me alone. I said okay if u take away the ban on Shooter too. AL said he will talk to Syd 99 Admin head honcho Ming ( tks Maxybro for intel )
    AL said Ming told me to fuck off and then within 30 mins AL sent a PM
    saying Syd 99 Admin knows who i am and where i live . WTF ?
    That got me angry i admit and then after some fiery banter i said i wanted to
    settle our differences in a no rules fight. Shortly after AL said he had spoken
    to Ming the fight next day 6.00 am Monday at Hyde Park Archibald Fountain.
    AL said the eye witness would be BC as she despised me because we had
    feuded on Syd 99 and she wanted to video it and collect my teeth knocked
    by Ming as souvernirs
    There is more i know but really the others are just entree. I will one day
    collected my tears from these two.
    Hello Pulcher Christmas u long time no active. I knew u couldn’t resist to

      1. Really ? Apart from being the same sex we have different ideology it seems .
        U at war with Lenka it was over 8 mths ago and he says sorry and u still
        have it in for him.
        Me and Syd 99 for nearly 2 yrs and they never say sorry , U don ‘t get
        on with girls do u ? Bella , Babycat , Romi and now Dokes / Spydii . I would never
        be u enemy as we were quite close online buddies at one stage and the PM
        between us i would never reveal or what was said online by u to me.
        It was a mistake for me to comeback .
        Please after u read this delete the Dokes / Spydii posts.

    1. wait, is that why you sent me a letter that says you’ll burn my face and blah blah blah
      and also unknown voicemail that says you’re seeing me at airport and blah blah blah?

        1. Confession time. Christmas said it is me. I don’t know why she did it to me. She knows the truth.
          I guess i know now why Romi vanished like barbecue smoke.

  15. If anyone thinks that someone like shillgor has posted at least 20 times a day, everyday, for at least the last 5 years, just because he loves punting, needs to increase their medication dosage. No one would have the time or bother to do that unless it was their job or there was a substantial incentive for them to do it. His bullshit act of uncle shillgor loves to punt and only has the budget to go to a massage shop once a week is all part of the act, but on syd99 most readers fall for it, hook, line, and sinker.
    I have zero doubt that shillgor and others are being compensated to do what they do. Zero! I just haven’t been able to work the exact arrangement.

  16. Deuteronomy 32 – 35
    Romans 12 – 19 Vengeance is Mine
    For those who desecrate me i will seek retribution and
    for those who sinned me if i were u i would be sleeping
    with one eye open.
    As soon i am going to chrysalis from the internet to the
    real world.

  17. Who is this message too?

    Always keeping everyone in suspense Dokes. Maybe you need a preggo hooker to help you relax a bit.

    Or just wank more

  18. I know the hammer is coming very soon and like Romi i will be gone
    like barbecue smoke forever. But i would like closure from Christmas
    she owes me that much. I always saw Christmas as equal to me as a
    apex troll on the net.
    So is sent Christmas 3 PM ( non sexual ) and Christmas knows this
    but for some reason she used my PM to be used against me and
    say i threatened her. I am very guarded and don’t reveal things and
    less i feel i can trust someone 100 % and this doesn’t come easily.
    And why Christmas said this it still baffles me and why she did it
    and said it and motivates her to do it i don’t think i will ever
    get the answer..
    The Christmas the message u said about me i will cherish and always
    remember and i would never turn something beautiful into
    something dark and sinister,
    So why do u u words ( PM )which to me were very personal and twist and
    turn and use them against me ?
    And Syd 99 Admin ( Iron Mike and Summer ) who u sent to taunt me.
    As i recognize the words and style of writing when we fought on
    ParlorPages and Troll’s Graveyard. If only u were like this before.
    U are i admit are half decent and charming and if CL was like this feud
    between Syd 99 and me probably never would have started.
    The banning didn’t bother me but it was the way CL accused me
    of things i never did and u protected him.
    I will Chyrsalis again and like a centipede i will grow another leg
    and because of the Christmas episode i for once have no clue
    what i creature i will evolve into.
    Christmas pls ban and delete my posts soon we can both have
    closure. I know i was wrong to comeback and nostalgic really

    1. What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you fucking English or wot

      Whole your comments all over my blog i don’t even understand half of it what the fuck you’re talking about. Please get some xanax, weeds whatever chill the fuck out a bit and write properly so i can understand what you saying


  19. Bro if it’s not you, i am sorry but reasons why i think it’s you are simple

    1. No one has this much time on their hands to leave me a message with payphone, all the way to m5 and leave me a note.
    2. That voice mail sounds like you even though i never met you

    Again, sorry if it’s not you
    My intuition can go wrong sometimes
    But most of the time
    I am right ✨

    1. Lets quit while we are at least on half decent terms.
      U have made up u mind . I don’t mind looking guilty
      its will look good on my troll CV.

    1. not keen on reading their $50 discounted review, it’s fucked anyway
      started to read funny thread from yesterday,
      ㅋㅋㅋ what a joke

      Simon probably refused to suck his dick so the OP sounds very upset.
      but I know Simon for long time and he doens’t like smelly people 🙁 so what can he do.
      anyway, I’ll post proper blog about this left over kimchies sooner or later, can’t be fucked now.

      No-one in our team is supporting me as well, I’m a loner.
      now we hit the record every week so they don’t sack me yet, I might better quit first before they sack me.
      no one encourage me to troll harder except charles and Charles is in hospital now. coincidence? maybe

      yeah blame me I’m like unprofessional, mean bitch, whatever yours want
      people seeking professional work in forum where people promote brothel(and illegal massage).
      yours all discuss individual’s pussy shape or boobie size
      and I can’t call them leftover kimchi fried rice? lol I’m just laughing.

      there are many more things are going on behind of internet, it’s called real life brothers and sisters.
      well as long as they pay me, I shut my mouth. (at least for now)

      HOWEVER I just can't do anything with dumb mother fuckers.
      Recently most dumb fuck cunt i found is happyman2018
      what the fuck

      "That's y I said n5m is very bitter they should b proud of the girls went from them to go some other shop because that prove ur girls r good so they want them ofcoz there still some not good ones but hey if they can turn them to pros down the track they come back will bring you businesses"

      he thinks he's very logical and it made me laugh
      and fuckin
      ofcoz-of course
      annoys hell out of me

      ** English is not my first language either** ㅋㅋㅋf

      1. FMD!!! I just read the first page and I had to stop. Are these losers for real? Fucking speechwriter thinks he is writing for the Sydney Morning Herald. Bro, the only people reading your reviews are you, and a bunch of guys with their dicks in the their hand, some of which have probably never had sex and get their rocks off by reading bullshit reviews.
        Is that loser ronni all there? Just look at his comment in post #7:

        “Speechwriter this is the second time you have suggested a drain of the talent pool from the suburbs. What do you think of how things will pan out in 12 months relating to WL rates in 12 months and the talent distribution?
        Is it that hard for brothels to recruit new talent?”

        He thinks they are analysing economic growth for the next 12 months or something even more serious? Do some of these losers have their heads so far stuck up their ass and their hand on their dicks so much that they don’t realise the bullshit on syd99 is not real and has no consequence in the real world.

        They are discussing girls moving to other shops as if its some big football star has moved to a rival team or a CEO leaving for another company. Get some fucking perspective. This shit is not real. Of course girls will move to where the money is. How can shops stop them? Offer the girls a career progression at the shop? Maybe the only way to stop the girl from leaving the shop is to take her passport, which I’m sure happens in some places.

        Someone let me know when there is a long thread discussing what a great business woman babycat is for opening her own shop.

        1. I have too many words to say but just laugh 🤭
          fucking left over kimchi fried rice upset them so bad

          “hang your head in shame sir.”
          Lol lol
          LOL 미친새낔ㅋㅋ

        2. babycat x alungonoria still fuck or what?? too busy couldn’t check their lovey dovey thread. I sometimes read that when i want to be anorexic, makes me puke everytime

          1. Don’t get me started on babycat. These illegal massage shops think that because they advertise on syd99 and locanto it makes them a legit business. Providing sex in unlicensed premises and trying to pass off 30 y/o Chinese women as 22 y/o Japanese girls to old white guys is not a business.

        3. My comments are so lame
          Not funny
          Not creative
          Not informative

          Dear dokes please at least be fun
          Otherwise i’ll change your comment like this everytime.
          Your preggo story and shits were at least very creative. Or had some bitter laughing point though. wtf is this, you just make my thread like dog shit 💖

          Improve yourself or bye bye

  20. Ahh fuck!!! I accidentally shared this blog on WhatsApp. Why did you have to add a share button on the side?

  21. I see u ended up with u tail between u legs on the other forum. Not
    surprised . U have been like a bull in a china shop the last few months
    and u thought u were invincible.
    I know my limitations. I am a internet troll and do not ever go out of
    my parameters. I never venture into the real world as its unpredictable
    and cruel and shows no humor.
    I remember i knew this one girl when i was student and she was a lazy
    worker ( buffet ) and i once snapped and told her off and she then
    went around the hotel saying i had fondle her. WTF,
    She was married and at the time i was very fit training everyday for
    boxing tournament i told my boss if he confronts me i would crush
    his skull he never confronted me.
    I guess she had done it before but met her match in me and what
    i’m trying to say some people will not put up with nonsense and
    expect PM to be kept private.
    Its the internet its anonymous not my real identity but i can see
    why i real person who is provoked would react in the way they did.
    U can delete this post now.
    I don’t mind i just had to get off my chest.

    1. I’ll never delete this 💖 i did, apologies to everyone who got upset because of kimchi fried rice left overs, did my best and you call it tail between legs? Shame on you, ㅋ you don’t even go ginza to get bashed like Charles did. You are just the strongest warrior who never get tired behind keyboard ONLY. Stop trying to provoke them unless you dare to have broken skull, fractured eye sockets. I’m done with this ginza and you mother fuckers, let them rule the world 💖

      1. Customer section

        1. 10 spacious newly renovated rooms
        2. Friendly, informative Korean staffs
        3. 10mins walk distance from Sydenham station, 20mins from strathfield.
        4. Car parks/ back door available for yours privacy
        5. Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai girls different type of variety girls option
        6. different service options, standard, premium and Diamond
        7. 10am to 4am, 6am on weekend, open everyday.
        8. Complimentary drinks, tea and cakes
        9. Clean, safe environment
        10. Reasonable prices compare to same quality of other shops.

        Girls hiring section

        1. Friendly female/male Korean staffs
        2. No bullies
        3. Clean and tidy newly renovated room
        4. Flexible shift, flexible payment (we dont mind pay more if you’re pretty like Irene, Bobo)
        5. Daily payment (no deposit)
        6. Variety service types
        7. Most of customers are Asian
        8. cctv avilable
        9. So many customers not enough girls
        10. Close to city, Stratfield.

        1. Hi Pieface.

          If you were Evander Holyfield and i was Mike Tyson i would never bite your ear. I would lick it, slowly and seductively. I’d then take off my gloves and try and get at least one, if not two fingers inside you just to show i care.

          What flavour Pie are you? I hope your something mixed with Bacon. You’d taste so good.

  22. Wow…. just…. wow.
    I only joined a forum to talk abit of shit, get info on shops, and yeah……. the politics are incredibly dense!! People getting assaulted, threatening each other…. why be a dick? And tell shop staff to give a discount for reviews, cheap bastards.
    Fuck man, I got HERE because I am a noob punter. I am still really really new to this game. Maybe abit gullible too looking back. Jeez, the shills and fake asses!
    Thanks for showing the other side of the coin.

      1. Hahaha, not yet! But very, very soon I will. Better be fresh though, no one likes it old :p
        In other news, I made an awesome gochujang chicken salad yesterday. Well, to be fair it was more like chogochujang, but delicious nonetheless. Help me out, best K BBQ in Sydney?

        1. I think that’s something like 초계탕 but yeah yours could be spicier 🌶. Best K bbq? 678 in CBD, same one in eastwood, the bulgogi cbd and straty

          1. Thanks, I hear good things about the eastwood shop. I have been to a coupla k bbq in parramatta, fucking shit.

  23. Christmas u are so tenacious , passionate the way u fight
    and protect the integrity of u blog that i admit i grudgingly
    can’t but help but cheer for Team Christmas.
    U enjoy u holiday .
    U have my word i won’t comment to next month.
    Ignore the truancy behaviour of Ms Spydii and Pieface.
    The real creep ,psycho and sociopath is Dokes.

  24. Some of y’all need to look up the dictionary definition of a shill. Absolutely nothing deceptive about some of the examples used above.

  25. Wow, I saw a post this mornimg on aus99 (Syd) about paid reviews.which led me to this blog… Very good Intel by the way … Aus99-leaks!

    Went back to see if there were any updates and it appears it’s been deleted. Unbelievable, shows that you are on the momey!

    1. Hey 💕 No wonder traffic is booming, guess original post is deleted now, that’s what they (admin) do all the time 💕💕💕💕💕

  26. If traffic is booming here as a result of one link that was up for a few hours then it says how much traffic they get. So you can’t expect any different, of course they’re going to delete a pile of shit like this that tries to discredit the entire site.

    There are shills around but some of the examples listed above are pathetic and only serve to harm your own argument. Rooter for starters… it’s never been hidden he’s Wilson’s #1 customer, so who gives a fuck what arrangement they have? He could get free or discounted sessions for his reviews, or he could just get preferential bookings to road test all the new girls. It doesn’t matter because his reviews are reliable and other punters who follow get similar (if not identical) service.

    Seriously, if other shops had the same quality control and provided consistently great service then maybe they’d be doing well enough to expand too. Instead they’re too busy with all this underhanded sniping bullshit, or just plain ripping off existing customers who then won’t return. In fact there’s a complaint thread against another advertiser up right now, it’s allowed to stay because it’s reasonable discussion and hasn’t been removed by admins.

    1. Bro you mad? Can you fuck the calm yo dick down? Fyi i don’t work for m5, 42g anymore since ages ago so i don’t defend them or any other shops that against ginza, fuck the quality control seriously.. you mother fucking loser fuck nugget dick face, under ‘quality control’ management can possibly mistreat girls you know that right? If you try to start “ginza war” in my blog again, bring it on. Please use your usual username at least so i can roast you for more 😂 are you xboysx?

    2. You obviously didn’t get the memo. Apart from the shills, the wannabe shills, and the pubescent uni students that have never had sex without paying, no one cares about syd99 anymore, or what bullshit the shills are spinning.

      Every body else got a life and moved on.

      Tell Ming Wan to go fuck himself.

      1. No mate, I did not get the memo. If there’s anywhere else online offering a higher level of discussion then I’ve yet to find it and am I’m all ears…. it sure as shit isn’t here.

        1. Hello Assandlegs
          Did Vincent send you ?
          As you know now i have infinite amount of
          life’s on Yelp Lol You cannot ever win Vincent.
          Syd 99 have already lost one advertiser after
          somebody PM them ( not me of course ). Lol
          And it won’t be the last . Lol

          1. Was this assandlegs? Assandlegs has a lots of alteregos if y’all didn’t know lol it’s like game., Like where’s wally book … but i highly doubt it’s him. Look his username it’s too obvious ‘ass’ man. I am sure it’s xboysx ㅋ

    3. > There are shills

      Thanks for the clarification.

      > Rooter for starters

      Shill description. Great work.

      Imagine the butthurt if this page started appearing higher in search results.

          1. Bro?

            Are you part Lebanese now lol?

            Yeah i love chilli mussels – you never had before???

  27. Hasn’t anybody noticed Babyrat has been banned
    and her posts removed from Syd 99 ?
    The reason Babyrat poached all her massage girls
    from other shops and they are mad, very, very mad !!!
    Babyrat has made many enemies and not the online
    type . ROFL.

    1. Another post suggested that she simply stopped paying the advertisement fees. Her shop account is banned but personal account is still there.

    2. haha couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Let us know when her shop shuts down.
      I doubt it’s got anything to do with poaching other girls. More likely, she just didn’t pay her fees to forum. Same thing happened years ago to Coco and her shop at Stanmore. Another shillgor associate who was trying to pass herself off as a milf but in reality she was at least 55+. The only ones believing her milf status were dumb old white guys, like Raybo.

  28. Somebody has said Babyrat is on holiday’s until
    March which is bullshit she is in hiding.
    Mod Raybo said there was a memo given to
    the other mods but stupid ALHUNGOR did not
    get it. Lol and he wrote a AR on Babyrat and
    mentioned other girls at her shop who shouldn’t
    be there.
    This inflamed tensions with other Massage Shops
    who Babyrat stole their girls and hence Babyrat
    I couldn’t be happier , ROFL.

  29. Those sharks you were swimming with at first looked like enormous Tiger sharks. When you panned over from the crowd of people to the sharks it gave me a big shock!

  30. Love your zero-effort instagram posts lol my fav is the dark photo of kettles chilli chips on 18/12/2018. Work of art.

      1. Don’t get me wrong. Never have I had any intention to sleep with you. I am seeing someone at the moment. Your personality that made me posted that comment.
        Now u starting to ask why?
        I’d say you will be grateful on the day u come back to Syd, if we ever cross the path later.

  31. Fantastic guide and I agree with everything said here. I’ve been burned by following the shills at that site and when I posted a unfavourable review my account got banned forever. Heaps of scammers and bullshitters pushing an agenda on that site.

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