Month: July 2018

5th day of being unemployed

It’s humid and hot here (compare to Sydney it’s not too bad honestly) so drink tones of water, juice, coffee, smoothy whatever it is, drop by so many cafes to just use toilet, or charge my phone. Didn’t bring phone charger lololollolol Life seems easier if you believe something strongly. Have been reading about hinduism […]

What yoga has done to me

I personally am so dumb sometimes, forget how to big breath unless someone asks me “do you breath?” or instructs me inhale, exhale. The power of breathing is however, amazing. It could help to get rid of unnecessary feelings,  such as being greedy to get more attention, complaining that I’m lonely, showing off that I’m […]


Been doing yoga for a month now 😀 It took more than a year to find out why people do love it. Life is a sequence of research. Figure it out if you’re curious about something, do something about it if you think it’s mystery. Share with others when you know why it happens, how […]