Been doing yoga for a month now 😀 It took more than a year to find out why people do love it. Life is a sequence of research. Figure it out if you’re curious about something, do something about it if you think it’s mystery. Share with others when you know why it happens, how it happens whatever it is.  It’s over a year to have my own blog as well, I accomplished a monumental work of my life, I’ve been doing something over a year!!! Seriously, unbelievable.

Did someone say saving money is easy because of what, I don’t remember… 진짜

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Confronting financial crisis for Bali trip, and Roger vivier opens its first shop on July @Westfield, Sydney. so I’m most likely, fucked up.


11 thoughts on “July”

  1. Streamline your shoe collection to save money lol

    I bought some RM Williams shoes that I expect to last me 15+ years

    1. Telling girls to streamline their shoes collection is like telling guys to streamline their porn collection by watching Asa Akira on repeat.

  2. The Balenciaga and Celine bags suit you. Make sure you claim the GST when you travel to Bali. Treating yourself and splurging once in a while is OK.

    1. Serious???? Because i asked them about tax refund and we were all unsure since I have Korean passport :/ thanks btw 🤤

      1. Get the TRS app (Tourist Refund Scheme), do it at the airport.
        You need to show your receipts to them.

  3. Come on Chelsea, you’ve got to get some money from somewhere to enjoy the Bali trip properly. We, your supporters, want you to have a good time, so you can write about it. But you only gave yourself one month to save! Only one month!

    1. Just refer to the thread at syd99 and the dumbfucks with all their theories. Given the level of intelligence of some punters, I’m surprised they know how to put their pants on let alone make money and have funds for punting.

      Hopefully the Yakuza will be caught and the girls at Ginza are safe.

      1. LOL bail refused. Ginza ain’t opening for a while yet. How will rooter survive if Ginza can’t pay him? If you’re reading this bro, setup a gofundme page. I’ll chip in $2 for your sorry shill ass

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