What yoga has done to me

I personally am so dumb sometimes, forget how to big breath unless someone asks me “do you breath?” or instructs me inhale, exhale.

The power of breathing is however, amazing. It could help to get rid of unnecessary feelings,  such as being greedy to get more attention, complaining that I’m lonely, showing off that I’m happy,… Plus I less waste my time, energy and emotion for trivial argument,  I less hold my feelings I express as much as I can in very moment and don’t make any residue because it could rotten and possibly becomes a worse. Big breath in….. and think that this will pass too.

I hate to park in mega shopping mall because 99% of chance I lost my car. I forget where I parked so I record a video sometimes, send to my friends and realised there are 2 different types of people.

Someone who hardly get lost in shopping mall they would see what’s in that level. Observe what you see from where they park to entry of mall, remember the car park name or colour if they can.

The people who lost often (include me) they do this too. I often think

“ok I parked purple area. Let’s not forget it’s purple level, I parked purple level. “

After a while, finish shopping, They often don’t believe in themselves much. I keep doubting myself if I’m right even though I’m right. So I turn to other way even though I was right.

“Did i really park on Purple level? It might be blue…last time I’m sure i parked purple and I’m like confused now, let’s go blue!”

The funny thing is, They believe in themselves too much sometimes. They trust their strong intuition even though it’s false memory.

“I know I parked in Blue level today. so It must be here. if not I’ll kill myself.”

They also are most likely over-thinker. They were thinking to buy air freshener @coles while they were driving. While looking for a parking spot, found there’s a car which is quite big range rover parked in ‘small vehicle only’ zone. Got upset, think of the time I have to walk more because of this BIG CAR. But what it feels like to have huge car… will I ever be able to have huge car? will I ever be able to have children to carry with this big car? how many kids then, not even sure it’s possible to find someone who understands me, and get married? can anyone even understands others by the way? I don’t even understand me sometimes but how others could understand me?… … but would I be the one who to pick up my kids or my hubby???? thoughts over another thoughts then I’m already @coles and putting maxybon in my basket, don’t even remember why I’m at coles.

but why? I? did? write? this?

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Back to the topic, Yoga is all about dedication, concentration to situation that what you confront of. Like BJJ, (I couldn’t even finish this article fml) wait, then any type of exercises would possibly help you to get rid of stress, anxiety.. right? like Gym, Soccer (I’ve never played either watched), Ocean swim (because pool swim is boring) …

I remember Tony asked me once if I play/do any sports.  I said yes I go gym and I do yoga. He said no yoga and gym are called sport. but.. BJJ is sport. But yoga isn’t. You need to compete against someone so that means there’s win or lose that’s called sport.

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Yoga is more likely competing to yourself. but there’s no losing but I learn/improve instead. Why always have to be better than others? If there’s same orgasmic feeling, as when you win someone, Then you notice.. there’s such a no great fuss in the cosmos. You don’t just give a single damn about anything other than yourself, like to be exact, let it go. Nothing is crazy, if you can’t take it right now, take it easy, give more a go. Time helps.

Remember I was the one who complains that yoga requires too much spiritual effort so I don’t like it but this spiritual, nonmaterial Ommmmmmmmm thing really changes my point of view. or I’m maybe a year older than last year’s me so I may be just changed whether I started yoga, or not. It’s just so fun and I wanted to let you know all because no-one told me this thing before I was like

Yoga? boring fuck!

and also, I think sharing good thing is such a good thing.

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Give a go, if you don’t have time to attend classes, try to breath big, until your lung full from bottom to top, and try to empty all but slowly and repeat few times.

Yeah, I made ‘yoga’ category lololol



20 thoughts on “What yoga has done to me”

  1. You can always try remembering where you parked by re-tracing your steps, e.g. which entrance did you enter the shopping centre from or what shops were nearby as you came in. IF that’s too hard then yeah I guess next best thing is just to take a photo or video.

  2. All this after one month yoga? Imagine after 1 year!
    Westfield used to have an app to find your car because they take a photo of your number plate where you park but the stopped now, probably because of stalker potential.

    1. What do you think about succulents, should i get one since i killed peace-lily god, rosemary god in a row

      1. Yes succulents are so hot right now. But you have to be careful not to water too much. In winter almost no water. But I think you will be ok, yoga teaches restraint.

      2. I restrained myself to get a box of grain waves today. It’s half price at coles and it’s my favourite snack in Australia. I got only 2 packs which is $4. Go get it now

  3. I’ve never really considered yoga but sounds like I need to give it a try. I’ve always been super competitive and try to be better than others. It’s something I struggle to change. Maybe yoga might help. Thanks for sharing Chelsea.

  4. I overthink shit waaaaay too much.
    Maybe yoga is good to settle an overactive mind/imagination? The only trouble is finding the time.

  5. I don’t think it is because you are a year older that you have changed, I think it is the things you have taken up that have changed you. By that I mean have improved you. Given you more focus and commitment. You have surprised yourself.

    The BJJ was a step on this path, and that led you to gym work, and then to yoga. People spend the rest of their lives doing yoga and it sounds like you are on this path too. Commitment has been absent from your life up to now, and commitment is a sign of maturity. So yes, the year past has seen significant changes.

    The blog has been an important part of this process. You were congratulating yourself on its first anniversary the other day, which you surprised yourself by reaching. To have followers, people interested in the contents of your mind, your insights, commentary, humour, complaints, your perceived weaknesses and vulnerabilties, in your progress through life, has developed another form of responsibility too – to us, your readers!

    It is great that yoga is slowing your thinking down, encouraging you to breathe and not obsess. Yoga may also help you to accept praise better, as you are no good at that, you have been suspicious of it, perhaps because of a lack of self-confidence. The blog should be a healthy ego boost for you. You might be doing it for fun but that doesn’t mean that by having fun you aren’t also creating good things, and that is work in the best sense of the word.

    In any case, no-one would put this much effort into maintaining a blog unless you also secretly think your work is worthwhile. You aren’t afraid to skewer your audience Eg, pointing out the hypocrisy of the “knights in shining armours” who are quick to come to the rescue of wl’s at the same time as they shove their cocks down their throats and push their arseholes into their faces. Ha ha!

    Keep it up!

    I hope you have enough money for your trip to Bali/

    1. Isnt that last part a bit ironic coming from the guy who tries to convince women to place small russian wood dolls up their asses?

    1. Bottom line, a creep is a creep, regardless of how much rubbish they write in an attempt to look harmless and wise.

  6. Ive been trying yoga at home and seem to be enjoying it. Want to do classes to learn more but I’m scared I might get an erection. Are there men only classes at any reputable yoga studios?

    1. The one where i go have 3:7 ratio. 30% men 70% women not sure there’s men only class in Sydney. It’s good eye candy tho when i see their muscular sweaty back 😭

    2. Not sure you already know about it but there’s awesome app called ‘down dog’. I subscribe this for when im like can’t be fucked to go city. Decent app!✨ (im not sponsored) but i still prefer studio that has proper ‘hot thing’ on their ceiling when it’s like this cold day, it’s so relaxing ~💖

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