5th day of being unemployed

It’s humid and hot here (compare to Sydney it’s not too bad honestly) so drink tones of water, juice, coffee, smoothy whatever it is, drop by so many cafes to just use toilet, or charge my phone. Didn’t bring phone charger lololollolol

Life seems easier if you believe something strongly. Have been reading about hinduism little bit since local people in Ubud they do interesting things such as wearing bandana-look alike hat instead of helmet (called u-deng or something) banana leaves altar everywhere, pray in cute way (like splash water with stick that looks like from fairytale, put flowers and sweets on altar) I may never understand what they do or I don’t want to wear that weird hat (just not my cup of tea, and also it’s for men) but they look happier than me. I always feel like something is chasing me, anxiety attack out of nowhere, useless solicitude, fear about uncertain future but people in ubud are too nice and has such idgf attitude (you can easily feel from their driving style) which i love. I care too much about everything.

Is this because they think

God will do something and we just follow him/her!

So if any good thing happens they would be like hell yeah it’s because i pray everyday and if any bad thing happens they would be like it’s punishment, i’ll pray harder and it’ll get better.

Something like that? The unknown world… religions!

And also have read some about relationship between hindi and yoga. It’s… it’s uncomfortable. It took a month i copy instructor’s ommmmmm- . I do well now though, it sounded like an heretical incantation for noob yogi 🙁 now i do well because i like that feeling, when you fully exhale (more likely squeeze all air out from your lung) so you can breath fresh new oxygen in.

I can finally do head stand yet perfect, first day in Ubud I succeed at once and i was like hell yeah is this because i’m in Ubud!!!!! And second day i never succeed 😭 (tried over 100 times after fell fell and fell again) and i was like why though, whyyyy i did well yesterday!!!!!

Thought about reasons,

1. Pants

Success day : i wore skins’ A400

Fail day : i wore Hawaiian trunk

2. Instructor

Success day : He plays guitar at the end of the class and it’s so relaxing

Fail day : He sings hindi song (he’s white tho) and i’m scared, it must not but sounded like cursing spell. he’s hair style is like full mohawk as well.

3. Success day was just one lucky day.

But I do ok after 3rd day. I wear swimmer, sometimes i wear nothing and without teacher i can do alone. Maybe 2nd day i was just tired.

We should aware this whole industry is designated to make people addicted. It’s worse than gamble or drugs. It feels good when you win big or high but it feels better when you achieve something you’ve been trying hard.

Headstand, hands-stand, crow pose dancer pose any poses that look cool but people normally can’t do in a day.

You could, train yourself in your place without any tools(mat, blocks and straps etc) or cloths. But tell me who does that?

Look how much they make, lululemon, manduka, any yoga teacher training centre, it’s all about money but yeah i’m one of those who’s addicted so bad.

Who ever forced me to inhale and exhale after i’m like 5? Whole my life i thought that

big breath=sigh

Sigh=showing/revealing my anxiety/worry

Showing my anxiety = showing my very intimate part

Showing my very deep inside = people can attack me easy

So I never sigh-ed in front of people. Then I learnt how to breath deeply for the first time ever in casual yoga class.

Who ever forced me to close my eyes and feel my eyes, nose, lips and any other parts of my body ever since I was born? It’s like official nap time in kindergarten when you’re 5. After long stressful day, hot sweaty session, you have 10 minutes forced meditation time and i’ve seen many people fall asleep in that 10mins.

Anyway, it’s 5th day and tomorrow is 6th day of being unemployed. I never understood why people like to be floated on swimming pool, you know it looks boring right

I did that 2 hours today and i am burnt out so bad. It’s so relaxing i never know, like i never know too how good doing nothing is.

I wrote this shit blog with my iphone (did not bring macbook! Also phone charger) so my eye balls are about to pop 👁 ✨😭. Sorry if there were so many grammatical mistakes (as usual though) i can’t be fucked to edit it now so i’ll do when i’m back (maybe never ㅎㅎ) but yeah 2 things !



Casual yoga place in ubud

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  1. We see happier people everywhere in places that are simple and poor and I’m sure most of us have asked ourself the same question. Why are they, or at least appear to be happier? What’s the key to happiness? I think the secret is being content. Contentment is happiness.
    The people in ubud probably don’t care about whether they eat cage free eggs or not, if they wear brand clothes/shoes/ or not, or if they drive a Merc. They probably dgaf about how many likes they receive on their social media, or how many followers they have.
    It doesn’t mean that people in ubud or any other poor country, are better than people in Sydney, it just means they have not been exposed to that life and so they are content with what they have. I’m sure if you put them in Sydney, after just 6 months they will be just like everyone else and become wannabe IG influencers and become miserable, anxious, and unhappy.
    Anyway, interesting post this one. Maybe during your stay you will discover inner piece. Something will click and life will make more sense. You never know where and when your turning point in life happens.
    For some it happens when they read a review on syd99, for you it might happen in ubud, floating in the pool.

  2. Speaking of floating in the pool, the angle really shows your proportions to advantage. You might be a short girl, but your proportions are those of a tall girl. ie, leg length to body length. The same with Kylie Minogue. It is an interesting illusion. Seen against a plain background people would not be able to tell whether you are tall girl in the distance, or a short girl closer up! : – D

  3. Furthermore, the angle makes you look like a distant landscape of hills and valleys! : – D

  4. Good to see your having a great time. Are you doing the 100 hour yoga teacher course at bodymindlife? I was checking out yoga studios and saw poster on Bali course. I finally joined a studio!! Not bodymindlife though cause it was too expensive even though environment looked really nice.

    1. I wish i could! But no it was just holiday-holiday. And i’m back to sydney yesterday, i’ll be depressed for awhile 😞 hey but which studio did you join? I chose bodymindlife only because it’s close to central station but i’d love try if there’s other options.

    2. Joined humming puppy @redfern, start from today. Pros : hip studio! Looks cooler than ever. I don’t even have to bring my mat because they provide manduka pro to all. Cons : not many classes :/ $70 for 3weeks unlimited class, introductory offer

      1. I joined Alignment Health in Milsons point. Pros: Groupon deal $25 for 10 classes. Cons: just realised its not a proper yoga studio, more of a rehab clinic for old overweight ladies with back issues… Fml at least I don’t have to worry about boners. Not sure if I should continue

        1. Lolololol you can use my username @hummingpuppy, I kind of gave up on this and back to bodymindlife today, i love christian’s class but he’s going to Bali next week wtf! Another thing that made me upset was they(hummingpuppy) are doing free trial week from today or what… I joined last week and i wouldn’t have if i tried first week for free. I’ll write more about it later.. but if you live north… Redfern wouldn’t be the best option anyway. Lol funny but

  5. I hope you do as your honesty with the girls attributes was much appreciated plus it sounds like they need you….

  6. That’s all that’s important right? She needs to go back just so loser punters have someone to help them choose which girls give the best bbbj or which one can lick their asshole.
    Get some fucking perspective dude.

    1. I don’t use internet engagement to hide my vulnerabilities.
      Writing makes you vulnerable.
      People write something about you that’s isn’t true and
      it is not necessary your job to correct them .
      If you do correct them, the correctness will eat you up
      and then where are you ? What do you do ?
      You don’t owe a answer or apology to somebody who
      criticise you. You don’t have to listen to them or fit
      your ideology into a square cube just because of their
      character limitations,

  7. I thought you meant by “5th day of being unemployed” you just meant you’d been on holiday for five dyas.. But according to rumour on syd99 you are genuinely unemployed now and not working at M5. Amongst your followers I’d be far from alone in being worried about this. The bills don’t stop, you haven’t saved anything and that which you did save you would have spent on Bali! What’s happening?

      1. BC is so excited by that thought, who knows what creepy thing he is doing to satisfy the urge

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