Jati luwih

Here in Ubud or anywhere else, it’s easier than breath to make new friend if you’re travelling alone and you got tits and pussy.

Here are some Jati luwih, The unesco world heritage’s pictures plus my nude.

It could’ve been greener but it wasn’t season. I got dreadlocks, so my bun is bigger now and I don’t have to wash it everyday. Washing dreadlocks aren’t the hardest part, drying it out is. 🙁

Sometimes it just looks like unicorn’s horn.

I learnt how to wheel, make migorang, and make sacred offering.

Food portion looks so little because I ate most of it while I’m cooking.

Went to Canggu for surfing once, did yoga 4 hours a day except one or two days. I can do mermaid, crow, and head stand now!

I’m working on scorpion now.

The first thing I did when I came back to Sydney was weight check, because I had mangosteens every night like this.

I don’t want muscle anymore, I just want to be slim again.


I’ll update soon what I wrote in Bali but I don’t know when. I wrote a lot though, I’m thinking of going back in December- January again, 2 weeks were too short :/

2 thoughts on “Jati luwih”

  1. I fucking love mangosteen. And green mango. And rambutan. But so expensive in Sydney.
    Nice dreds.

    I had kimichi fried rice too. Pretty impressed tbh.

  2. You put on muscle and lost fat on your Bali holdiay??? That has got to be some kind of record for going on holiday!!

    btw your insagram feed has the most delicious and healthy looking meals. You eat really well even if someone else is doing the cooking for you and you are paying out big time for them to do it..

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