Ahhhhhhhhh I’m writing this after I drove about 1000km from Perth-bunbury-busselton-yallingup-margaret river-denmark-Albany- back to Perth because I feel like I never going to write if I don’t now.

  1. Blueberry guy

This guy is very much likely vitamin. Tall, kind, old, being super nice to me, knows a lot about anything I ever wondered, practical, generous, but he’s more fun when it comes to sex and less snobby…. hmm I didn’t mean vitamin is snobby, but just emphasise that Blueberry guy is very modest. . I’m generally nice to everyone but I’m weak as fuck when I meet nicer people. If he behaves like Bali guy… Das no-no.

I didn’t even mention about Bali guy here because he’s like too much..,., for instance why ask me to stay in Bali forever, We only went to Jati luwih once. I hate daydreamers… I hate it. (self-hatred) Why ask me to stay Bali unless there’s at least rough plan :< if it was ‘just saying’ It would’ve been never better but It seems genuine so I’m like

Guys should groom themselves. Vitamin was obsessed about his body, the next one (He said our relationship is rebound relationship after vitamin and after that I didn’t like him much, because bro, how can you maintain relationship if someone calls it as rebound relationship? firstly he didn’t trust me that I like him, secondly grow some fuckin self-esteem. don’t doubt if you like someone) grooms himself as well, I don’t expect much but clean and neat.. not many girls like the guy who wears like caffery, (Don’t get me wrong he’s nice person.) but Bali guy was .. mm… that hair style, that beard, that belly,

was I talking about Bali guy or blueberry guy? … It’s all about balance. if you’re satisfied your life, love yourself, but love yourself too much then you become a snob, if you’re lack of confidence, doubt existence of love(or any other feelings) live the life because the others do then you become a loser. Blueberry guy is in between. Blueberry guy never gives you false hope. He never hide himself either He talks, he talks real thing. Blueberry guy knows reality and never compromise between daydream and reality but he enjoys the moment. and it’s sexy …

I spent an hour wrote about The fucking blueberry guy(plus Bali guy), didn’t even start my real WA journey. It’s not important where I’ve been or stayed, at the end of the day I’d remember that there were nice people around (but seems like WA people nicer than Sydney people soRRy about generalisation though,) and I really stepped up through past relationships, I mean if I were 3 years ago me I would’ve been crying and yelling at the same time, like


But now I’m just calm. I cried little bit when I was driving (1000km, can you imagine?) though, not sure if it’s because I’m gonna miss WA blueberry for sure or just out of gratitude for this life experience.

But this article is under Adventure time category so I’ll add some pics.ㅋㅋㅋ

Margaret river has no river
I was going to hire Toyota Yaris or something small car since I never drove other car esp bigger than SMART and people told me not to, because kangaroo issue and not so safe to drive 1000km. So I chose safer and bigger option q2 but hertz(Perth CBD) lady gave me q5 instead! sick! I could’ve slept there back seat because it’s huge car, shame I didn’t.



magnificent, amazing and again, I drove 1000km ALONE.

  1. Blueberry guy
  2. It’s big

soRRy didn’t finish yet, so everything in WA so big and very big. rocks, trees, birds, … but my question is how someone found this magical place for the first time!??@! and also how they made all nicely paved road to everywhere ….. well done. it was nice safe road trip ^.^

7 thoughts on “WA”

    1. But u know WA ‘s blueberries are huge, likely others. Dicks, rocks, ocean, birds… it’s so big, even bigger than my nips

  1. Thats pretty good seeing as you do have big nips.

    Do they still look like chocolate lololol?

  2. That beach is beautiful. Those beautiful granite boulders and clear, crsip clean water. It would be great to snorkel there, the rocky reef would make it very safe to do that.

    Yeah – it’s funny that Margaret River has wine, surfers, cafes and coastal scenery, but no river!?? 🙂

    Can you please interpret for us what you are saying in your video? I make it out as “Bready, bready, blenheim fishdown. Bready, fishdown (laughs)

    Help us out here please! 🙂

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