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Once the teacher was like ‘move your body freely’ and everyone(24 people) kind of.. started move their body a little passively. and He cued again ‘move more freely, bigger’ and people started really move around class and kinda danced.. and then He said ‘bigger! can you make bigger than that! what about dance? can you jump?’ and people went hopping, running, they went mad, those contemporary dance sort of movement frightened me little because it was just.. don’t know.. it just visually terrified me. I confessed to M, said It scared me.

M is the one that I like the most amongst 24 people, We never met before YTT but we get “do you guys know each other for long?” so often from everywhere around Surryhills. M is the one who talks to random people about random things. unlikely me, I think random things but I don’t talk to random people. Mainly because I’m afraid of rejection, the fear of “what if people hate me because I say this?” but M doesn’t really care.

I feel the urge of walking 4 foot (like 4 legged animals; tiger, lion, dog and cat…) quite occasionally. no one ever was keen though, whenever I try to do this fun activity (4 legged animal walking) in 30 years whole my life They(friends, family) ran away from me, they ignored me, they pretended they don’t know me. I understand though, generally people don’t like things that isn’t familiar. .. M was injured herself a day before YTT. She fell over and did full-split for the first time(accidentally) in her life so She couldn’t walk properly. (we’re assuming that her inner thigh muscle was shook.) I suggested 4 points walking on very middle of surryhills. I never expected that she gonna do it but I knew that she not gonna judge me or flee if I start crawl. But She walked kneeling down. WTF? yes, she walked with her knees only because I was walking on my foot and hands. I was shook but at the same time was so glad, never anticipated that I ever gonna meet someone who’s not giving a fuck like this!!! That’s only one small happening but M is different, way she act isn’t react. She acts not react. When she wants to sing, she sings. When she wants to dance, she does it too. People take picture of us if we do headstand on the middle of the sidewalk all of sudden without any notice, they ask us if we’re performance artist when we had many colours on our face. (she brought face/body paint and I’m like wtf? sounds fun!) this is whole new world! Having friend like M is awesome!

and M said, (back to topic) it’s because most of people are oppressed by whatever it is. I saw people liberate themselves and I don’t know how to express this but hrm.. some people really need to be chill. I and M for example, if we want to dance in woolies we do. But lots of people don’t, They can only dance if someone strongly order them. It’s just like other version of me thinking “what if people hate me because I say this?” or like “what if I look bad because I’m not good at it”

Be like M! act not react, You are the one who only can free yourself.


I noticed that I get drunk from drinking KBC. I’m not even joking. I always felt tipsy but no one believed that I get drunk by KBC so I’m like well..

What I’m doing these days is basically I shake KBC hard and open it, then let the bubbles out. I do 3 times of this or more so make the most of fizziness gone then I might get drunk less (?) no scientific proof, imagine you’re drinking no fizzy beer or champagne. There’s not many alcohol taste(or real amount) isn’t it? But at the same time out of curiosity, aren’t those bubbles/fizziness are from its fermentation? If fermentation produce probiotic bacteria, doesn’t it mean bubbles=probiotic? what if there are not much good things I could get left if I let all bubbles(gas) out.

There are few reasons that I like Kombucha.

  1. It claims that it’s healthy.
  2. The bottle (usually it’s in a brown glass) gives me the feeling that I’m drinking alcohol. It feels like I’m having fun.
  3. The taste is like champagne. I always desire to enjoy champagne but never properly could since I’m allergic to any kind of alcohol.

However if I know what champagne taste like, would be like KBC. I can be wrong because I don’t know any types of champagne taste!


Maybe we’re living in the world of too many options. I’ve never imagined that one day barista would ask me like “what milk would you?” … every cafe (at least in surryhills) these days have 4-5 types of milk at least! Oat, soy, macadamia, almonds, coconut… full, skim, …. I’m in love with macadamia chai latte @shift eatery… so good… but aren’t too mant options bother me sometimes? I can’t even make my mind between snickers or mars. thinking about the tie when the whole world was more simple than now, when people grow their own food, exchange things only for thier particular need. Thinking about my highschool days, I was struggling with my future study, future career, who ever knew that I’m going to be Jamie @perth, Xmas @sydney, I wanted to be everything but I didn’t want to do anything at the same time. There were too many options! Teachers, parents, friends… whole world was forcing me to choose only one that I want to be, I’m so stressed out now by just thinking about it. I wanted to be prettier, be more positive and happier but couldn’t decide what I really want to do (and it’s changing anyway every 3 month cycle) I wanted to experience more things before I choose one. Thinking about all those Kombucha brands, protein balls, some stuffs just made people think in the way of “I purchase this kombucha so I’m different from people who get that kombucha.” the whole point of branding, marketing… More options to choose doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m living a better life. .. Back to oat milk, it’s good now that people respect other’s preference. Same sex marriage was illegal few years back then, Women couldn’t vote once upon a time, who ever even thought about gluten free, dairy free or nut free a century ago? how about free range eggs and chicken, .. organic cotton, bamboo cotton,,..🤢


Cafes here in Surryhills try their best to rip people off by using the most vulnerable, insecurity part of human being. What makes people want to take a picture of their food and then upload instagram, facebook, blog, whatever it is? maybe because people want to prove. Prove that they are having their best life. Not many people can buy super car or fancy bag but most of us can pay $20-50 for a meal. Super car, fancy shoes last longer to maintain their happiness but we can have a millions of dinner plate picture with same amount of money. It may never end If i start to compare in detail, how funny i try to gauge all those things include individual’s very subjective happiness? And i’m the one who takes picture before grab a fork. 🤔 people want to be happy and they want to be happier than others because it’s subjective and they don’t know how to measure their happiness. It’s easy, very easy though..


I lost my notes ☺️

People go nuts when they realise that they’re getting old. Then They all of sudden start to eat good, exercise well to just maintain their the youngest moment. Sadly we never can be benjamin button so try hard to keep our body as like today.

All the asana practices are designated for one pose, sitting down well wtf, Why you want to sit down properly? Because then you meditate well WTF!

The more you know!


How fascinating, anatomy class! I’m late today and said M that I might fail this course like other courses I fucked up in past. She’s like “this will be the one that you won’t fail!” and I road killed cat for the first time in my life and it’s the worst feeling ever you can have. fuck!

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  1. If I accidentally did the splits I’d tear every thigh tendon off the fucken bone and be crippled for months. I really do need to become more flexible. When I surfed, that really use to loosen me up.

    “Act, don’t react” That is a pretty good life motto. Be original in other words. Be circumspect but don’t censor yourself if its not harming anyone else. However, we just aren’t designed to walk on all fours! : – )

  2. Your friend M sounds like the positive energy that Jamie really could have used. Surround yourself with these people. They are hard to find, but make the effort to stay together. You may be the only one that can free yourself…. but it’s alot easier being around good cunts.

    Ever thought about Kundalini Yoga? It apparently gets you high, and connected to the universe. You seem to be heading that way…. DMT helps.
    It’s funny though, that DMT is one of the worlds most powerful psychedelics, yet it is produced in our own bodies. Maybe WE are the key to happiness, enlightenment or even the ability to do a decent headstand.

  3. Apparently kombucha isn’t really regulated so the alcohol content can definitely vary quite a bit. Also you gotta look out for the raw ones not pasteurised cos it kills the probiotics.

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