Month: November 2018

Chelsea north-west thoughts

Why I like road trip I like to think, my all the time favourite hobby would be “think” I can think while lying on bed doing nothing and just think. However thinking about random things while I’m driving middle of nowhere, watching sunset, surfing, yoga give me more sensation of ‘being present’ whereas lying, sitting […]

Jamie thoughts

After sex, somehow our conversation turns to future career counselling a lot. I hate someone gives me an soulless advice such as “You’re pretty and young, find a rich old guy and get a easy life.”ย  better say nothing than talk shit. Some people on the other hand, try their best to give me an […]

Jamie part 2

The things that make Jamie@Perth upset. 1. Organic tampons 17ยข and 56ยข are more than 3 times different and Tampon is the thing that you can’t avoid or refuse to purchase unless you’re a man. I was getting it as usual from IGA and it gave me tons of sense of economical incompatibility. Who wants […]

at tribe hotel

It’s crucial to have fit body(being healthy) not only because it looks good but also it helps to achieve your goal. A goal doesn’t necessarily have to be a GOAL but if I’m not fit, (like right now)ย I long for comfort in earlier stage, If I can’t find ease, I become impatient. If i can’t […]