Month: November 2018

Jamie thoughts

After sex, somehow our conversation turns to future career counselling a lot. I hate someone gives me an soulless advice such as “You’re pretty and young, find a rich old guy and get a easy life.”  better say nothing than talk shit. Some people on the other hand, try their best to give me an […]

Jamie part 2

The things that make Jamie@Perth upset. 1. Organic tampons 17¢ and 56¢ are more than 3 times different and Tampon is the thing that you can’t avoid or refuse to purchase unless you’re a man. I was getting it as usual from IGA and it gave me tons of sense of economical incompatibility. Who wants […]

at tribe hotel

It’s crucial to have fit body(being healthy) not only because it looks good but also it helps to achieve your goal. A goal doesn’t necessarily have to be a GOAL but if I’m not fit, (like right now) I long for comfort in earlier stage, If I can’t find ease, I become impatient. If i can’t […]