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It’s crucial to have fit body(being healthy) not only because it looks good but also it helps to achieve your goal. A goal doesn’t necessarily have to be a GOAL but if I’m not fit, (like right now) I long for comfort in earlier stage, If I can’t find ease, I become impatient. If i can’t bear this irritation, I give up very easily and quickly. When you see me and I’m being mean bitch or having a moment of can’t-be-fucked-more-so-I’ll-just-stay-at-home-do-nothing, or serious condition of fuck-socialising-I-hate-people-anyway, mean that not only I’m depressed but also my body is weak as fuck so can’t even endure some mental disability of mine. so.. it’s  important to have strong body before mind. Let’s get fit if we want to achieve something! !

Spend no time on gossip about someone’s unfortunate under the mask of apprehension or caring. How to be elegant 101

I’m actually a fussiness itself. nevertheless people see me as chill.. I think it’s from the time I admitted the fact that I am very difficult to please kinda person, I am aware of something that I’m not really into and try my best not to confront it. I give up, I run away.  call me chicken I don’t mind, Life gets easier


I used to feel special in some relationship when I have sex without condom, hold each other’s hands in public, waist be wrapped, selfie together, when I become a top priority, high frequency of phone calls or messages… because these things only can be happening between 2 people, you can’t do this to everyone you meet. and once I feel kind of losing it one by one … that’s time to run. away again because I don’t want to get hurt


hey but I’d recommend this boutique love-hotel style hotel because look at the robe

And cute lounge

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  1. Your comments about avoiding relationships to avoid being hurt is an old lament, as old as m/f relationships. Paul Simon wrote a song about it: “I am a Rock”

    It reminds me of this excerpt from Bongoboy in a discussion going on on Syd99 at the moment:

    “Like most people when an intense loving relationship that reaches its conclusion.we were both a little messed up by it.

    Love is sublime but it can hurt deeply.

    Love is why songs and poetry exist.

    Love is why people sometimes resort to domestic violence, revenge, abuse drugs or alcohol

    To be human is to be imperfect. But to be human is to love”.

    So are you the Eevee Evolution Pokemon? I know nothing about Pokemons!

  2. Can’t you just liberate yourself from the tired dichotomy of
    artist, Christmas ?
    Why can’t you in this post Kevin Spacey world be all things
    at once Christmas ?

    1. wow the fuck do you read my mind? I was writing about it all, I mean black and white thing right, you fucking scary little fuck ! fuck off!@

      1. My dearest book is Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum.
        I can tell from this blog u go to book is Anne of Green
        Gables by Lucy Montgomery.
        You may be a fan of Zac Effron but lady i am not.

    2. I’m not sure what you are getting at there pearl, but I do agree that Christmas is an expressive artist. Too bad she hasn’t figured out a way to monetise it.

      1. Remember last time i put some google ads and wrote shit tones of sensitive contents (e.g., bella massage after report) and i failed to get a single penny 😞 but hey thanks!

  3. There are plenty of things in nature that can help you to wrap your head around life. To find a connection in yourself first, before you try and get deep with someone else.
    I highly recommend the extract of Acacia Confusa. About .1gram of extract should set you on the path. If you break through….. it’s like…. it’s actually indescribable. Whenever I am lost on this mortal coil, or find myself straying from the path, I top up with this, and meditate on the results.
    But hey, I have been preaching about psychedelics since forever.

    “I embrace my desire to feel the rhythm, to feel connected
    Enough to step aside and weep like a widow
    To feel inspired, to fathom the power,
    To witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain,
    To swing on the spiral, to swing on the spiral,
    To swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human.”

    Life is a fucking gift dude. Brutal, and fucked up…. but still a gift.
    Dont run away from everything.
    You could be missing out on the best bits.

  4. Some people consider that being able to suck your own cock is gay.

    But if you don’t come is it?

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