Jamie part 2

The things that make Jamie@Perth upset.

1. Organic tampons


17¢ and 56¢ are more than 3 times different and Tampon is the thing that you can’t avoid or refuse to purchase unless you’re a man. I was getting it as usual from IGA and it gave me tons of sense of economical incompatibility. Who wants to treat their vagina with chemically processed tampon rather than organic cotton made one? It’s funny because when I wanted to have Celine bag so bad It actually inspired me to work hard.  but when it comes to bread and butter thing,./.. It makes me so enervated, world is getting more ridiculous and more, what I make money for ??????

2. When i get the message like this from the one who used to say good morning everyday





The things that make Jamie@Perth less upset.


Perth has no people walk around


**Jamie says sorry to people who got excited to meet her in Sydney!


5 thoughts on “Jamie part 2”

  1. Its all good Jamie.
    You’re still cool.

    Enjoy Perth, I lived there for 8 years. I ran a hostel on Money Street in the CBD.
    Coogee beach was my favourite. Crystal clear, with little fish swimming around.
    It’s really close to Bali (3 hours) and Thailand (6hours). Its cheap as hell for return flights too.

    Stay safe, friend… and take care Yoga Queen.

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