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After sex, somehow our conversation turns to future career counselling a lot. I hate someone gives me an soulless advice such as “You’re pretty and young, find a rich old guy and get a easy life.” 
better say nothing than talk shit.

but should I reply to Cary and get marry?
    1. Some people on the other hand, try their best to give me an valuable advice. They are genuinely nice people but they walk in while booking their wife’s gynaecologist appointment.

He’s nice guy though, sounds smart, realistic, genuinely gentle, and the most importantly financially secured (from serious amount of tip, visiting 3 days in a row so far). I understand this type of people. Their life could be boring, they have everything but joy-able sex. I don’t question them as long as they can afford it. Although I question to myself, some customers are seriously poor. They look poor of course but the way they act, way they talk is the poorest, imagining that get paid less than $200 a day and spend $150 for 30mins for buying pussy. Shower, taking on and off clothes – 10 minutes so probably total 20 minutes I’d say… how desperate are they???? why they can’t use their left hand???? how can you spend 75% of your daily income on 20minutes of body excitement????

What about customers who have little lower iq than average people? They might act weird and talk strange but generally speaking they are nicer than any others. They fully appreciate something  that we might take it for granted, they are not capable to think loss or gain from any relationship, or any other consequences of their behaviour so they don’t lie or hide something or dodgy anything bad. If they do something silly it’s because they don’t know that’s bad but not with bad intention. There is a guy who works in caravan factory,  He works 5 days and rest of the week he does house chores and visit brothel because he’s single. Next door girl warned me that he’s dumb fuck therefore I’d have tough time so I was kind of nervous but he just talks bit slowly and make weird nose when he’s enjoying sex, I liked our conversation it was very unique random topic. (about his auntie and his Italy trip) It tears my heart into very small pieces to think about his previous experiences with other working girls. The fuck what’s wrong with having sex with someone who has little weaker mind?

who’s more eligible to come pay and fuck? the person who’s married, smart and rich so visit brothel 3 days in a row even though (or maybe this is the reason) his wife is pregnant.


the person who’s bit slower than others and need to fuck because it’s really hard to find girlfriend, maybe just friend-friend. hate fucking discriminationbitches. These bitches can die for rich man who has pregnant wife but hate to see the other one.

I spent 1.5K for hair extension AGAIN, I spend most of my income on my hair like yours spend on sex

Speaking of girls… there’s one girl who always talks about five-star-hotel. When I stayed Westin Perth She asked me how many star hotel is Westin and I had no idea so I said I don’t know. When I stayed four seasons she didn’t ask me, guess it’s 5star then, When I stayed in tribe she asked me same question but I still had no idea so I said I don’t know. This week, her boyfriend was going to book her hotel room and she kept on saying that she wants to stay in damn fuck 5starhotel and I asked her back WHAT IS THE FIVE STAR HOTEL and she said Shangri-La, Hilton, things like the big hotel chains are 5starhotels. isn’t it fucking annoying? I mean of course everyone wants to stay in nicer hotel which has a fridge that has sensor so I can’t move any champagne bottles to put my things and kitkat is charged like $7, but as long as it has its clean towel and bed sheet does it really matter weather it’s 5 stars or 4 stars. She was having a chat with her boy and sighed, ahhhh it’s only 4 stars! OH MY GAWD! what’s so different 5 stars and 4 stars!!!!!!!! is 4star hotel even exist??????? it’s free stay and she’s not even paying for it but still complaining!!!!!!!!!!! last time customer bought her meal and she complained it ahhhh it has only little meat and a lots of rice, another time she complained that customer said he will pick her up from airport but he doesn’t have a car so he just comes by himself (it was actually funny but he’s lovely at the same time, because he misses her so much so he wanted to pick her up from airport even though he has no vehicle but think about it, uber is heaps better than train isn’t it) she complained about him has no car whole 2 days no jokes brothers, like I’d understand better if she paid for it and get something that makes her disappointed. She can complain like we everyone does. But wouldn’t you feel more gratitude than disappointment if you get something for free??? like STHAPppppopuouyftuyxdtcj eventually her booking was cancelled by hotel (is that even possible?) so she’s currently staying at her boy’s sister’s place now. She’s moving into fraser suites tomorrow, is that 5star?

I never understood my mom wears nice perfume or body lotion before she goes to bed. Now I know it makes you feel good when you smell good. That’s why.

Perth customers do cycling, yoga more than Sydney customers. They are generally speaking (sorry I keep on generating/judging in this blog but I might be wrong.) body(should I say fitness) aware, also I can see more IGA or local supermarket than Coles or woolies, what else… I met psychologist/ lawyer for sex workers/someone who will have orchiectomy next week/who else…. oh yes I’ve read speechwriter’s review about K(former Isabella). Seriously, If I ever meet him I’ll lock him in and straight call to the lawyer for sex worker. The forum admin and shop owners in Sydney should ban him for his life time.(although it’s not much left.) Uncountable working girls complained about him, I just laugh he still strongly believes that he actually makes girl cum every fucking time. Please be aware : The primary role of working lady is to boost men’s ego. 56385310892__4868885D-E639-4C7B-B4E9-2A8C8CE75B2A.JPG

sometimes guys kiss on my forehead while they’re fucking and it’s kind of sweet action I’d say. It’d have been like teen movie if you did properly. don’t use saliva when you do cheek kiss or forehead kiss please? like O-shape is fine but not inside the moisture part quite please?



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  1. What’s the story with speechwriter?
    Anyone still using the word “minx” tells me they are probably born around WWII time and generally a loser. That’s my impression of speechwriter

    1. Well he got banned, my dream have come true so i wont talk much about him, but seriously he’s such a bully to working girls and a bugger for the management and the most importantly he thinks that he makes girls popular (through his reviews) or girls cum therefore he has so many issues likely all of us. 😉

      1. Some of these old codgers have nothing better to do than to write tedious and long winded after reports because they think it will make the wl popular? Really?
        Hey speechwriter get a fucking life bro

    2. You are being too kind .
      You are being too saccharine .
      The average poster on Syd 99 has the brain cell
      count of a Siamese fighting fish looking at its
      reflection in a jar .

  2. Late to discovering your blog but I was hooked. Spent the whole day going back and reading all your previous entries

  3. I heard a true story on the radio today told by a psychologist. Rich guy is happily married and has good sex life with his wife. But he is a sex addict so sees lots of wls. But mostly his addiction is the feeling of girls falling in love with him. So he sees the same girl for a while, promises her luxury life and shows her houses for sale that they could live in. Then when she says she loves him he disappears and moves on to the next wl.
    He saw over 3000 girls and bankrupted the family company.
    Very sad…

    1. Didn’t you read it? She doesn’t like being slobbered on her forehead or cheek.

      Har har! How about the binocular vision on that fish?.

  4. That’s a cool picture of you at the Westin Hotel holding the bottle of champagne with the mural of Black cockatoos behind you. Cool luggage too. Limited edition? : )

  5. That gif of you driving along is a masterpiece of cutting!

    But you have already done the tour of SW WA, last winter. You are doing it again? I see you went to the Valley of the Giants last time. When i was last there they didn’t have the tree top walk there that they have now. Did you go on it? WA is such a big state and you have to travel a long way to get anywhere of particular interest. Maybe you are heading north this time to Monkey Mia to see the dolphins?

    1. Exactly ☺️ final destination coral bay, just arrived Denham tonight. Dolphin watching i’ve done in jervis bay, i am more interested in driving alone like today, there was no internet (so no spotify) no radio signal no reception so isolated as fuck for 4-5 hours nonstop in middle of nowhere. Mad experience !!!

      1. I drove from Las Vegas to San Diego one time to catch a connecting flight. The dessert there is isolated as hell too. What’s worst was my phone was beeping every now and then and I didn’t know what it was. Checked it in the end and there was a sandstorm warning. Was wondering why it was so windy and no one else on the road (researched beforehand, and people warn about the traffic in and out of Vegas).

  6. An emu looks like a dinosaur because it IS a dinosaur. Plenty of dinosaurs developed beaks instead of toothed mouths to cut down on weight so that they could glide or fly. Lineages of these types survived the comet that wiped most of them out. The leg bones of an emu are identical to those of some fossil dinosaurs that had teeth instead of beaks. It is the same with the cassowaries. You come across one of them in the daintree forest and if feels like it is 200 million years ago. If you are looking with wonder at the emus racing across the plains as you drive by, then wonder even more because they and all other birds are the dinosaurs that survived the extinctions. Emus and cassowaries just look more like their remote ancestors than other birds.

  7. I drove from Sydney to Perth.
    Fucking hell, the Nullaboor Plain are like being on the moon. It’s like nothing I’ve seen on this earth.

    I got banned from the shit cunt forum for saying that its fucked up if a guy removes a condom during a session without the lady knowing.
    And you know what, looking back… they are all pretty fucking creepy. I would gladly punch the fuck outta several of those rat faced shitty grub cunts. Fucking Rick spiders.
    I mean I met a couple good cunts, solid blokes with a conscience. But too many are shit heads, and the….. I’m not going to waste my time even talking about it anymore.

    Let’s watch this instead!

    1. I deeply hope they have a decent life, like… have a chat with other people in daily life at least? you know, i hope they’re not loser in their real life.. brainless thinking… live unconsciously.. live life just because they were born… just because they breath… consume plastic without guilty mind et cetera… but isn’t it sad-der to act normal in daily life, and then behave fuck nugget on the internet because it’s anonymous. For example Lenka looks servile as fuck i mean, i don’t discriminate poor or rich by their look but bro! And some famous people there has too many alter egos seriously, i’ll let you all leave in curiosity since i’m not sydney industrial person but trust me, the better the quicker you quit reading that fucked up forum. There are more fun/worth reads in local library, yogajournal.com or cutebutpsycho.net. Some people are nice as you said, even nicer than others because we have common interest which is sex, or sex work but some people are just being dick there or gushing out their psycho-ness because they have nothing to do rather than… spend time writing their sex (paid) life. It’s pathetic, sad cunts.. leave them alone.. like you said stop wasting time on something isn’t important to you 😉 you don’t angry at cockroaches as long as they’re not in your domain. But giggled a bit while i was reading your comments rick spiders lolol

      Whoa you drove sydney to perth! That’s mad. I finally arrived in Coral bay and spent a day here. It’s peaceful paradise look alike small little tiny town, seriously water colour is like the colour that i’ve never seen in my life! Bright lemonade colour! ! ! But from the time when I arrived…. i’m slightly afraid of the time when i have to go back. Fuck i even googled ‘can i abandon hired car and disappeared instead’ 😭 but definitely worth to trip 4days to Coral bay ☺️ WA is big Australia is bigger the mother earth is the biggest than what about whole this universe, and what about us? We are infinitesimal, but infinitesimal when it comes to category: human. Think about individual life. It’s a whole century of happiness, sadness, madness, sex, nosex, … i probably sound talking shit again but you’d know if you road trip from A to B and saw the endless stretched road and felt total isolation for long time 😉 my english is getting worse since i don’t talk much to people (i actually don’t see people around for long) so i beg you understand my position 🥰 have a good night! I’m catching up with manta ray tomorrow wooo hoooo

  8. Hu6e bro I don’t even understand why you got banned, but yeah lately the forum seems to be loaded with creepy people. Honestly I just used it for info on particular shops/girls, but both the behind-the-scenes and upfront drama there is sometimes really off-putting; amazing how insane people can act under the anonymity of the internet.

    Chelsea I wish you the best of fun in your travels, and stay safe. You always look like you are having the time of your life 🙂

  9. I’ve never been to perth, I figure I’ve been to QLD, NSW, VIC and SA its all the same shit. I’d rather travel overseas.

    Trying to save leave and $$ for long japan trip before 2020 olympics

  10. Wth hu6e u got banned? Ur a decent guy why would admin do that? And chelsea have a safe trip! When are you coming back to Sydney?

  11. Yes bros…. I dunno why I was banned either. I’m a pretty good cunt in my defense. Always generous, and a nice guy punter. Excellent banter.
    But fuck em all.
    The admins are all creepy old cunts anyways.

    I’ve learnt alot from reading this blog. So I owe abit of my knowledge to her.

    I got told a REALLY funny story about those cunts Chelsea. You’ll fucking shit your pants when you hear this one. Dont want to broadcast it as it will make someone get in trouble, but it is funny as fuck.
    I dont have your WeChat anymore, let me know how I can send you this story (email or some shit).
    Believe me, it is so good. You’ll smile for ages.

    1. It’s a dilemma. I don’t like gossiping but it makes me smile for ages? Im sold! Have you got kakaotalk?

  12. I just got it to tell you this story….. my ID is Hu6e.
    100% not gossip.
    It’s a funny as fuck story, and it is mega karma!!
    It’s about those shit cunts wilisno and CunningLinguist. Fucking beta incel bitches.

    Merry Christmas cunts.

    1. Oh but I wanna hear this story too! I got banned too after I defended your honour Hu6e and told wilisno he has a stick up his arse.

  13. If anyone wants to know this banger of a yarn, add me on that talk app.
    Guaranteed you’ll have a fucking good laugh.
    It maybe the best story of the year.
    Even those guys don’t know about what happened to them, lolololol.

    But if you want the story of the year, you gotta…. ummm…. I dunno…. wish Chelsea a Merry Christmas.
    And wish me a Merry fucking Christmas.

    I found this to be a fitting tribute.
    Karma is a bitch.


  14. Hey Hu6e, I’m one keen to hear some gossip about those fucking jerkoffs in Syd99, what talk app do i add? I cant seem to find you on wechat.

  15. Hu6e sounds like another bullshit talkers that came and went on syd99. Probably the same person just changing names when everyone stopped believing the bullshit talk
    If your story is so good why don’t you just post here instead of telling everyone how good it is 15 times
    My bullshit talk detector still works, well after syd99 days

  16. Listen Anonymoose….
    Idgaf what you think.

    Another incel rock spider, dick snot shot slurping, 12 inch wide butt plug wearing, begging to be pegged wimp of a floppy dick pussy bitch.

    The dick is mightier than the sword.
    I’ll bet 5 grand that I got you beat there, little beta/lenka/who ever the fuck you are.
    You do sound like that faggot lenka….


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