Chelsea north-west thoughts

Why I like road trip

I like to think, my all the time favourite hobby would be “think” I can think while lying on bed doing nothing and just think.


thinking about random things while I’m driving middle of nowhere, watching sunset, surfing, yoga give me more sensation of ‘being present’
whereas lying, sitting down and think give me more feeling of ‘day dream’
it’s subtle difference, and I may never explain well of this difference until I die.

Being present

Speaking of being present, since the time Gopro was invented, yes such revolutionary device and also Fitbit. I’ve always been tempted to get one, I could’ve got one, finance situation wasn’t major issue because I buy more useless(but also expensive) things than Gopro.. whole my life. When I went to manta-tour, more than half of people in my group had Gopro or more serious equipment and to be honest, I don’t mind people record how HUGE manta is. It is huge. I expected more

Rather than