I’d rather question myself “how do i make him to like me?” than “Does he like me?”

But if there’s no chance to make him to fall in love with me

Give up, let go. that easy

Perth sucks. didnt go well with blueberry guy, business is quiet as hell and i found spycam wtf

It looks just like car key and my entire 45minutes session was being recorded. How the fuck!

Spending xmas alone always gets me moody! i could’ve gotten used to by now then but I  never actually!


but actually I spent my xmas well last year, we went to Jervis bay, malatang on the way back, smoked weeds, had 호떡 at the end of the day.

My friend’s honeymoon to Bali(and I meant to be honeymoon breaker) has cancelled. But I’m still going 31/12. I decided to stay longer in Perth even though there’s no more blueberry drama because I all of sudden planned Jeju trip with my dad, and mom/grandmom (they come seperately) oh well long drive got me there.. but then I thought today maybe I shouldn’t have been to coral bay trip (because then I could’ve save up some more money so I wouldn’t have to work more) or maybe I shouldn’t have stayed here for like long, I shouldn’t have come to Perth.. etc (I can work anywhere and only reason I came to Perth was to hang with blueberry and he doesn’t like me anymore because I work so. I can’t blame anyone or anything)  I hate myself when the things that I loved once become regretful, it was awesome first but at the end I’m like ahh I shouldn’t have… I know it’s only time consuming to think this way.

31/12/18- 4/1/19 Amed, Bali

5/1/19- 10/1/19 Jeju, Korea


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  1. Hu6eAlsoWondersWhatCouldHaveBeen 12/12/2018

    Jeez Chelsea… you should’ve hung out with the coolest white guy in Sydney when you were here.
    I heard that he is a fucking good cunt, with weed and mushrooms for days. Quite a big thing.

    Try not to look back and regret.
    It’s a fucking depressing pastime.
    But I will admit, I too look on my past and think what could have been. It’s a terrible thing to do, but it is what humans do.
    I ate a bunch of kimichi at lunch the other day. All the way home on the train, I was burping kimichi burps. No one sat next to me. No fucking regrets.

    Are you ever coming back to Sydney?
    Or are you over the big city?

    Don’t be a stranger now…

    I’m gonna finish all my posts with some funny shit from now on.
    Saw this today, not disappointed.

  2. Anonymous 12/12/2018

    Wow you are going to Jeju-do. I really want to go to Jeju-do too. I can’t tell you why, but I do really want to go.

  3. Big Country 19/12/2018

    Ha ha! Your latest rockclimbing instagram video is great. The epic fail reminds me of all your handstand attempts. Your willingness to poke fun at yourself is fun in itself. 😉

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