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Kung fu yoga : really shit movie but I watched it all somehow, it’s one of the shittest movie ever in my life, try to watch it if you want to feel sick. it’s on Netflix

Married guys : They are the best! what I don’t like is liar, not married-guy itself. I love married guys!!! It’s like living in a hotel or Airbnb, you can sleep in comfy bedwithout shower straight after beach, as salty, dusty and sandy body like a chips you find under your car seats. Tomorrow there will be new bed sheets on what’s so worry? also like cooking in someone’s place so you don’t have to clean all the mess in case if you have to, pretend you forget, that easy.

It’s really frustrating to see my friends still struggle with non-single guys, or single guy who wants to stay single. (at least not with my friend) nobody is too busy!!!!! it’s just matter of priority.

How lucky I am : every time someone helps me whether they just wanna fuck or seriously want to help, isn’t it too good to have those type of people around? I mean they could’ve just fuck and leave, I mean not only financially as well as mentally, spiritual(?)ly. It’s like a movie always, I’m like fuck it I give up, and someone appears, hammer me(my head), I am easily influenced and think oh my gawd! lucky me! what if I didn’t meet you?!


speaking of how easily influenced I am, How transparent I am.. When the last day of  ytt200, people started to cry while they were giving their last thoughts about all namaste stuffs. WTF? I wasn’t even sad or touched I was more than merely happy because I don’t have to wake up 5am and I learnt so much things that I may not able to digest until I die but I’ve become the loudest crier amongst 16 people. my last speech was “It was fun! but I cry because you all crying!”

It’s good that I feel through people easy. Sometimes It’s.. too much, unnecessarily. When I found illegal surveillance item, I asked him calmly why would he do that, he’s grown man who has family, is it fun thing to do for him and he said because he is desperate. Fuck it explains all! how desperate this old, unattractive, sexually no fun man’s life is… but 7 days later many people told me that I should do something so I did something for him.. it’s not too bad but he deserves it.

It’s also good that I’m very adaptive person, I am very reptile sometime my second last ex called me as because I was very sensitive about ‘room temperature’ +1 I’d say omg too hot -1 I’d say omg freakin cold! or maybe I just needed someone who I can talk shit. people, human, born lonely but we often forget and looking for someone to feel less lonely, it’s wrong from the beginning we never can be less lonely permanently by someone else or something else, instead, we can be self-taught in certain period time in our lifetime (maybe some selective people only) how to be alone but not lonely.

get filled vs get soaked through… It’s like bottles of soju. or maybe dish wash sponge. none of those are wrong or right it’s just different life style. important thing is being a clean bottle or and dried sponge so you don’t smell rotten.

Sweating is good, I these days read, yoga, cycle, eat good and sleep good. Fremantle is great for everything. sad I have to leave here soon but maybe that’s why I like this town.


Isn’t it amazing google tracks me everywhere I’m, I didn’t even ask to do so.

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