15 thoughts on “xmas present for y’all”

  1. He doesn’t look it but my money is on him being Japanese. They are notorious for this sort of shit.

    As a side note, that position is best for some serious pumping action which is missing in that clip.

    1. Fuck off Penis. Do your virtue signalling somewhere else. Take your political correctness & penis, and put them up your ass.

  2. It’s quite amusing the way he adjusts his timing and stroke towards the end of the video, seeking alternative pleasure.

    He does look a bit of a sad sack, but he is actually in pretty good shape.

    So that is the recording device you are holding up in front of him as evidence? How did you discover it?

    You must have seized it and the video is from it.

    He obviously wanted to jack off to it later, to maximise the dollar value of his punting spend.

    1. Nah i trimmed video, whole video is 50min-ish long. Film start with him getting off from his car, capture street and unit number (at this point i highly assume he did a lots of filming already so with this scenes, he can easily look up girls ; by street name and unit number.) the other scenes are great too but my privacy 💕 fuck this cunt’s privacy, i want his daughter and wife find out my blog, and they will, eventually

  3. That is a great story telling sequence of images. There has been less plot in entire movies. You’ve captured the guilt on his face. The confession in his resigned posture. And the confronting proof you hold up in the foreground. That last photo is a movie in itself, even without the mandatory sex scene. That is just a bonus! Ha ha!

    Your image is a great real life capture of an aspect of the human condition. and like all great photos it suggests a story beyond the borders of its frame.

  4. Hahaha… sucked in to the fucking grubby cunt.
    What a douche, he is well fucked now.
    Seriously, if I was still in Perth, i would totally print that old ass face onto A4s, and plaster that shit in the city.
    Just for teh lolz.
    Good work Chelsea.
    I wish I could get into that position tho…….


    The greatest Aussie band of all time.
    This is a music video clip, and it is very appropriate for this topic.
    Notice the guy reading a book on the bed, and the lyrics are so on point.


    Nice work, though I could have lived without seeing this bloke’s junk.

    haha that last pic is gold

  6. I didnt realise this was the spyware footage and thought it was a real gift. I’m such an idiot.

  7. Hey Chelsea, how did you catch this guy filming your session? Was the recording device flashing or did he forget to take it with him after the session?

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