I hate Philippines! Locals are the worst people, Stop asking me why I’m single! I answer “because I like it’ they ask me WHY again, So what’s the point??? if I give them a hundred reasons of why it’s good to be single they’d ask me again WHY, so dumb!!!😡

‘Me no English’ strategy after few days to avoid these dumb fuck kind of conversation but seriously they start to speak Korean then 😡

Most of locals in here Cebu, Philippines, speak decent Korean because there are more Koreans than Koreans in Korea, It’s just crazy.

This is my guardian deity red-bull (this is Philliphine’s maccas happy meal toy from the hostel kiddo) and the fuck you see how good i was? Wish it was real bet! I’m out of money for long now!

Here I stayed for 2 weeks now and I had Korean food every single days! And I booked several cheap backpackers through and all owners of hotels were Korean, this is crazy (how the fuck?)

I went to 24.9m under the sea, That’s crazy too!!!! I have a big mask tan mark on my face and what kind of joke is this

Oslob is crazy too, It’s not as Korea as Mactan but people are way crazy about the whale sharks. (Include me) I’d punch in their face so hard if I were whale shark.

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    • Chelsea 04/02/2019

      I don’t like barking dogs but i like dogs, crowing cocks are the worst but fried chicken is the best. -Philliphine thought

  1. Big Country 04/02/2019

    In the video of you free diving you look so at ease in those deep waters, you move like a sea creature.

    I am in awe that you can free dive – never mind this metres stuff, I converted it to feet so people can read for themselves how amazing this is –

    98 feet down!!

    Let me tell those who have not thought this through. The mindset, the resolve, the confidence and the courage to do this is off the chart.

    Because each flipper stroke that takes you downwards is another flipper stroke that takes you further away from the water’s surface – and air. You know, that stuff that keeps you alive? Each flipper stroke down in fact doubles the time you must spend away from the surface. You may reach the bottom, but that is only half way because you have come all the way back up again, on a single breath of air. As you are descending you know this, but you keep on descending anyway. It is a constant calculation in your mind. You can never be certain that you haven’t gone too far downwards because you haven’t tried to return to the surface yet.

    There is a good reason why the Haenyeo, the female free divers of Jeju-do, call underwater the “world-after-death”. They consider it separate it to the living world. They say that if they are lucky they will come back to the living world to spend the earnings they make diving for seafood.The most accomplished divers are known as Sanggun, and they can dive and work beyond 40 feet. It typically takes five years for a trainee Haenyeo to reach the level of Sanggun.

    Well that “five years” has taken Chelsea no time at all. I have no idea how she has developed her free diving skills so quickly. I am surprised and stunned. I used to do a lot of spearfishing so I know what is involved. I’d get too scared to descend past 20-25 foot.

    But there is the video of her moving around gracefully like a marine animal on the sea floor. She must have a natural talent, but you also need mental skills as much as physical ones. Very few people on the planet could free dive to 100 feet, and more importantly, return. Even she calls this “crazy.” Such a tiny girl, so not a wimp.

    I know she doesn’t like people giving her life advice, but the jaw dropping resolve that puts her so deep down in the world-after-death is one that she could also use to get some kind of career.

    • Chelsea 04/02/2019

      Any kind of life advices are more than welcome except “you’re pretty and young so why not getting rich old man” 😉 my goal this year 40 metre next year 60 metre! by then i’m like 35, am i?

      • Garcia 05/02/2019

        Try not to make emotional decisions based on
        people’s choice’s.
        So make the right choice for you and that
        might just mean staying put for a while.

    • Chelsea 05/02/2019

      Dear Australian, or whoever wants to come Philliphine and then back to Australia. Do not waste your precious time on doing that it’s not worth to spend your to get checked, checked and checked again. It’s not that beautiful country anyway. I flight from cebu to manila because there’s no direct flight to sydney and there are so many security checks between transfer and boarding. This is my last security check just in front of boarding gates and i had to finish 2 bottles of water (total 1.2 litre) that i purchased right before this fucking never ending security check. So you’ve gotta choose between pay ridiculous price to cebupacific for shit quality (or maybe same quality) water or die from dehydration. Fuck me! I’ve been travelling many countries since i was little but Philliphine is the worst, my second worst experience was the cheap train from bangkok to chiangmai. I was 20 and was going to save some fund by doing that (there were better option e.g., bed, a/c) but i chose the cheapest option and i cried because it was really, i mean really horrible. I couldn’t close the window and smell the smoky, musty soot and smoke for whole night, seat wasn’t made it for leaning back so my back and butt hurt like hell. Bright fluorescent light was on whole night as well so my eyeballs were burning, people bring there chicken(alive) and that noises! And noises from old train!!!! i wanted to die!!! No joke i really thought it’d be better to kill myself than stay there more but chiangmai was too good, made me forget about this until i experience Philliphines. Oh my god what about this airconditioner overuses? It’s freezing here everyone wears long sleeves and many people wear jumper too. What kind of waste is this? They throw rubbish anywhere too. I thought koreans are so bad at it but compare to filos? Not comparable. Horrible place! i had crush on someone in Sydney and i chased him to UK. I told people that i went to UK to learn flower arrangement well that’s true, but the bigger picture was Mr. Lee and i got dumped badly in london. I thought london is horrible for like a day but london is too cool to be considered as suck city only because i got dumped. Philippines reminds of me everywhere i’ve been. No where is like here. Some cities of europe, some cities of east-south Asia, some in US, Korea, Japan and Australia… no where is like this exist hell! Oh my god can’t believe i still have 30mins to actual boarding. !!!!/$;$;82928828.&:$,?626:).

      • Nejums 05/02/2019

        Sounds like you had fun…

        With the current political climate of the Philippines, I’m not sure it’s a good destination either. Thank goodness you came out of there unscathed.

  2. Anonymous 08/02/2019

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    • Chelsea 08/02/2019

      These days i feel a lot of.. like, people isnt change-able, right
      when i look at some people i am like wow that’s fucked up! And complain why the fuck you no listen to me!!! But then again i think.. we all through that passes and that’s just a stage of our lives.. i was there with same same but different problems and i wouldn’t possibly even have tried to listen to the others. Sad we don’t learn from nothing, we learn from what we’ve done and it’s not about arrogant or not we just don’t know in some time but one day realise like oh shit! At the end of the day, we all less hairy chimpanzees

    • Garcia 15/02/2019

      Anonymous impersonator. So you have done a lot of shit.
      Does it explain all your scars ? Some of ‘ em.
      I guess you didn’t have to tell us any of that.
      But look at your past , its your past.
      You know this is a blog nothing more and no need
      to bring your issue’s to the front door, you know.

  3. Random Foodie 09/02/2019

    Thanks for the info about travelling to visit Philippines. It is not on my list to go anymore. I like your little lucky red bull. Don’t lose him! Have fun. Looking forward to seeing your next post. Safe travels!

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