Happy easter 🐣

Living a vagabond life for more than 3 month now. The hardest thing is not packing and moving in every few days, now i get use to do it so i can manage it better. Either sleep in somewhere not really comfortable, although I do appreciate when i get lucky sometimes so able to sleep in nice bed without any noises. The hardest thing is when i wake up out of nowhere, i am at the stage where i get confused where i am now, then I realise few seconds later, i was watching something and fall asleep but it was daytime and now it’s the darkest time of the day, all of sudden i am lonely as fuck, check if there’s any messages that i missed, it got worse if there’s nothing but same shit if there’s something. Then I am at the stage of like what’s the meaning of life?

I thought i no longer feel/get lonely after i came to a conclusion that there’s not much difference between get lonely and get bored but i noticed i still do!! Rarely though! It’s not because i’m single or i dont have anyone to talk, it’s from the deepest bottom of me! I can’t explain very well, though, what’s the point if i explain better than this, i am not begging for your grasp about my feeling, a-yem doing alright πŸ₯Ί

I hope you all have very happy holiday πŸ’• it’s amazing that there are sometimes have 745 visitors here. what kind of joke is this? And what the fork is sammy forum?

Ok so hooker isn’t very pleasant title but that’s what i am so no complain, but seriously, How many sex forum in the world? So lame!

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  1. Human Electric Blanket 17/04/2019

    Happy Easter to you too Chelsea! 🐰 Hope you’ve got a nice bed for a few days without any noises. Stay safe!
    That Sammy boy stuff is weird. Anything to do with that grot you caught filming you?

  2. Anonymous 18/04/2019

    Wish you well Chelsea Happy Easter
    Your living a life a lot less ordinary
    Many people are lonely sad in boring jobs and unhappy relationships and feel stuck
    Your a free spirit and I wish you happiness
    And continue your interesting varied life

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