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Ahhhhhhhhh I’m writing this after I drove about 1000km from Perth-bunbury-busselton-yallingup-margaret river-denmark-Albany- back to Perth because I feel like I never going to write if I don’t now. Blueberry guy This guy is very much likely vitamin. Tall, kind, old, being super nice to me, knows a lot about anything I ever wondered, practical, generous, […]


I enjoy the combination of Midori note (MD) + uniball 0.38. I like the sound when I write, I like the way it makes residue(?), It needs few seconds to dry well and not smudged, but before that my letters still has ink on it. I like that visual it’s nice to see. I finished […]

Jati luwih

Here in Ubud or anywhere else, it’s easier than breath to make new friend if you’re travelling alone and you got tits and pussy. Here are some Jati luwih, The unesco world heritage’s pictures plus my nude. It could’ve been greener but it wasn’t season. I got dreadlocks, so my bun is bigger now and […]

5th day of being unemployed

It’s humid and hot here (compare to Sydney it’s not too bad honestly) so drink tones of water, juice, coffee, smoothy whatever it is, drop by so many cafes to just use toilet, or charge my phone. Didn’t bring phone charger lololollolol Life seems easier if you believe something strongly. Have been reading about hinduism […]


So, i was planning to leave Sydney on around Feb~ March, though, luckily i could postpone a year longer or something. My bank account never had more than a thousand dollars in my life. But like my diet, i crammed it. What can I do other than saving money since I knew I’m gonna leave? […]