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So, i was planning to leave Sydney on around Feb~ March, though, luckily i could postpone a year longer or something. My bank account never had more than a thousand dollars in my life. But like my diet, i crammed it. What can I do other than saving money since I knew I’m gonna leave? […]

February adventures

Cherry brook park @Lansvale night walk, We gave up after hit the spider web with our face ……; but was it full moon? so bright without any light and look at the stars! amazing (wonder if you still can see through picture) Tried REAL Vietnamese DIY roll for the first time @Cabramatta compare to Korean-Vietnamese […]

January adventures

This is all real bull-shit Like this place is, full of bull’s shit Because my car tyre was fucked for some reasons. Have you been to kiama when it’s dark night? Wow scary and seagulls are everywhere People catch squid here, so so so dark and I pee middle of the car park. It was […]