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Cheap flights (1)

I bought flight ticket for **$300** from Sydney to Tokyo. it’s cheap, no luggage, no meal but I thought it’d be fine because last time when I went to Hawaii, Jetstar didn’t give me a single drop of water and I was fine, I survived, (I took a sleeping pill and slept whole time) so […]

AR for Elsa, CBD Bella massage

Today, I was feeling meh, I don’t know why but you know everyone has the day that you just want to provoke someone, pick a fight, be bitch.. etc.. for instance and I saw Bella’s comment. She seemed bored too. I actually didn’t like her because of her excessive xoxo usage. Come on.. who uses […]

Finally sex

  Music is …Β tremendous… indeed.. I think Calvin Harris deserves to get the Novel prize since many of his songs are just great. Easy flow .. don’t get bored so easy.. etc. Not only music, but painting, performance, installation.. something that inspires you as fuck!!! ART WORKS!!! It’s really awesome because imagine Kim-jong-un want war […]

AR for Stone dildo, Laid D-1

Where do I start.. it began from probably bongkong’s comment. “I fall in love with myself each time i fap” Then I thought.. how can you love yourself when you fab? I can’t think of any, other than self-loathing or self-deprecating. But if someone fall in love with themselves when they fap fap… why not […]

Sad.. after report

Firstly, it’s all my fault because I said “yes”… I shouldn’t have.. right.. if I wasn’t that interested.. If i can make excuse… because vitamin was like this, targakajakakaja was like this, they asked me to out and I had fun. So much fun.. so I thought that maybe this guy would be the same?! […]