Cheap flights (1)

I bought flight ticket for **$300** from Sydney to Tokyo. it’s cheap, no luggage, no meal but I thought it’d be fine because last time when I went to Hawaii, Jetstar didn’t give me a single drop of water and I was fine, I survived, (I took a sleeping pill and slept whole time) so I thought it would be fine too this time.

I had chicken burger @chicken confidential in Sydney airport, it was great!!@!@!
I had chicken burger @chicken confidential in Sydney airport, it was great!!@!@!
and @duty free I already spent more than half of my trip budget LOL
and @duty free I already spent more than half of my trip budget LOL
I bought MB 12inch!@@!@!@@!!! It's so small and cute, compare to my old MBPR
I bought MB 12inch!@@!@!@@!!! It’s so small and cute, compare to my old MBPR
I wanted to buy this cab but couldn't, because I have no money already and I didn't even have a piece of sushi yet. 05/11/17
I wanted to buy this cab but couldn’t, because I have no money already and I didn’t even have a piece of sushi yet. 05/11/17

I was too excited and bit annoyed at the same time because my budget (and that was all my money.. my bank account is minus now) has ended almost, and I didn’t even start trip yet.

I think Sydney to KL was fine, I slept because there was no one next to me so I just lay down and sleep. I got to KL and the problem was 12?11 hours transit. … I.. I’ve done 2~4 hours stay so I thought it would be fine. and many people were already sleeping on floor -.,- like .. they looked very comfortable.

Look how many people in this picture, it's only one part of KL airport.. people sleep everywhere
Look how many people in this picture, it’s only one part of KL airport.. people sleep everywhere
I was hungry so I had this Taiwanese noodle soup and guava juice. I didn't have any Malay money so I used my precious commbank card. 
I was hungry so I had this Taiwanese noodle soup and guava juice. I didn’t have any Malay money so I used my precious commbank card. 
I under-estimated 12 hours, I had a look chocolate dildos, sweets, ciggies and cosmetics and it's only 2 hours are spent :D
I under-estimated 12 hours, I had a look chocolate dildos, sweets, ciggies and cosmetics and it’s only 2 hours are spent 😀
I found Popeyes!@!W#A! they have the best biscuit but I can't find any in Sydney either in Seoul. So I had to have it. and now I have Malay money but WTF, they don't have strawberry jam and butter. It was salty as fuck too. why? why!!!
I found Popeyes!@!W#A! they have the best biscuit but I can’t find any in Sydney either in Seoul. So I had to have it. and now I have Malay money but WTF, they don’t have strawberry jam and butter. It was salty as fuck too. why? why!!!
2 hours and 30mins passed, 9 hours left
2 hours and 30mins passed, 9 hours left
I spent 2 hours 31mins in KL airport, I wanted to sleep now. but I couldn't find good place to sleep because it's all taken ㅅㅂ
I spent 2 hours 31mins in KL airport, I wanted to sleep now. but I couldn’t find good place to sleep because it’s all taken ㅅㅂ

Because I’ve heard there is capsule hotel in airport so I was going to have a rest there for a while but I couldn’t find it, it was actually another side of airport (maybe another terminal, who knows) but yeah I’m anyway so tired since I had fun time and again, I’m soaked I wanted to have showerrr

I found this hotel but I wasn't going to stay if it's too expensive. I only need 8 hours to stay and they have pay by hour option! nice.. I think I stayed 8 hours, maybe 7 hours
I found this hotel but I wasn’t going to stay if it’s too expensive. I only need 8 hours to stay and they have pay by hour option! nice.. I think I stayed 8 hours, maybe 7 hours
I paid $100 Australian note, and I'm like millionaire in Malaysia 
I paid $100 Australian note, and I’m like millionaire in Malaysia 

but before I have shower, I had to finish one thing… I wanted to have kaya toast.,. it smelled so good but I hesitated so many times because we all know it’s just carb ㅜ.ㅜ I didn’t want to be fat before I go Korea. But I love kaya toast.. fuck it I have to eat it

It was seriously so good ㅎㅎ I ordered 1 kaya, 1 peanutbutter and 1 hk milk tea ㅎㅎ because I have Malay money so I anyway had to spend it

The bread was fluffy, buttery, warm and soft. kaya jam was just perfect amount, not too much not too little. oh so good
The bread was fluffy, buttery, warm and soft. kaya jam was just perfect amount, not too much not too little. oh so good

AR for Elsa, CBD Bella massage

Today, I was feeling meh, I don’t know why but you know everyone has the day that you just want to provoke someone, pick a fight, be bitch.. etc.. for instance



and I saw Bella’s comment. She seemed bored too.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.46.54 pm.png

I actually didn’t like her because of her excessive xoxo usage. Come on.. who uses xoxo these days? Gossip girl (the TV series, yes) was on 2007, Now it’s era of kthxbai.(because I like it.. heh) xoxo is uncool. and also

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.32.04 pm.png
Reference (you can see the sexual tension between Bella and Catiness, nope, not me.)

I hate asian girl whoever speaks such perfect English. (eg. Babycat) Because I literally can’t! and She called me(excuse me, I am a potential customer) as passive aggressive too, bloody hell.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.40.52 pm.png


She’s very penetrating me


Today Romi asked me to buy some pads, She wants to use an organic pads which made in Australia not Korea. Perhaps because her pussy is precious.

This brand, Romi will be back on 26th, btw

She transferred money for those organic pads and said

“Keep the change.”




So why not treat myself!!!!! It’s time!!! Time to get nice massage and ice cream!!!

I rang them and said

“Heyyy It’s Chrissy, can I come at 7? book me with the best messure!!”

and She recommended Elsa. Elsa? You mean that Elsa..? Oh… mm.. mm kay..

This one right….

and I had a look their roster.

Elsa – Malaysia, 20yr old, trendy south east asian look, 160cm, Double D cup, GFE with excellent relaxing massage techniques.

Double D.. my self esteem was already destroyed.

I read down slowly their whole week’s roster and found

Tiffany – Taiwan, 25yr old, charming eyes with a very instagramable face, C cup, experienced masseur with willing to please attitude.

What? instagramable face? That’s.. that’s fascinating!!!! that’s what I like. I always instagram what I ate.. I wanted to see Tiffany over Elsa. Maybe I can take nude selfie together with Tiffany, but Tiffany works on Saturday .. well too bad I want to treat myself today so I listened to what expert said. Bella said Elsa!!!!!

I think today was the most productive day of my life. I booked 7pm, means that I need to finish my work by 6pm so I can go city, find car park.. oh but I booked, booked car park.. wilson @thomas street. anyway… I had to finish everything before 6pm, I usually work until late, because I procrastinate, and escape from shop some times so I work until late night and work at my place too. But today I finished what I should ON TIME! so productive.. is that why you guys punt? to be productive? I thought after massage I’d be relaxed, shower, and sleep tight.. .. and I was also so excited because it has been a while, my last massage session was…. I .. I don’t even remember.. I don’t normally trust messures in Sydney because It’s hard to find ‘decent’ one. right? masssaaagggeeeeee MASSAGEGEGEGWEWRGWEFEEFEWF


I arrive @Thomas street earlier, because I had to buy a undie. I don’t wear a undie.. no bra no undie is my life. I’m sick when I wear it. I only wear with special occasion. I remember last time I was in LEGIT massage place (I remember my last punt was @straty, there was one in plaza and it was not special.) She asked me to take off everything except undie. I was like

“u…ugh,… what if I don’t wear a undie?”

and She was like (Chinese lady)

So..yeah, I bought one in Bonds.. @market city.. to avoid any more embarrassment. Damn it was +$15


and I bought 3 taro milk tea too. Because I know how it makes your day when you get sweets from customers when you had busy day. +$15 ish


I arrived there, first impression was pretty Bella. Bella is pretty. Yeah Bella you can use xoxo..

fuck I thought Alunghor sits there and greets me and I’m like

fuck I thought Alunghor would be sitting there to greet me and I’m like,

“HA! I knew it!”

but he wasn’t.

… Bella was actually attractive lady. damn!

and I was brought to.. room… I don’t know? I don’t even remember what room I was but it was right next to the girls’ waiting room. Guess there are only 3? 4 rooms, very very very very tiny rooms. Really…..tiny….. I think the whole place is like only half size of room 6 @42 Gladesville. Yes, the room with jacuzzi. It’s tiny place. and the actual working rooms… oh….. I mean massage room is.. like…. same size as toilet @room6@42Gladesville. There is a massage bed only, and can’t even fit 2 girls. Wow.. guys serious? can cum in this claustrophobia-able room? I don’t know.. I personally don’t mind small room but well It was all new to me. I worked at massage place before but their rooms were actually bigger, and better than any other place. Compare to Midas, and M8 this place is tiny, but cozy. Nice lighting too. The problem is you can’t see girls properly. Maybe that’s their strategy. ANYWAY

Bella asked me to take off everything, and I asked her back

“Except my undie right?”

and She goes

“You can take it off if you want”

Fuck it! I’m gonna wear it

Fuck I’m already so tired. I wrote so much (hmm.. it’s only 886 words yet) and I’m still working here @N5M. I thought I don’t need to work more but there is ANOTHER NEW RECEPTIONIST @N5M 😀 Eric is at straty drinking, I’m the one who can help noob.



Elsa.. is… pretty.. girl. I guess she’s definitely in her early 20’s. (Sorry it was dark like hell) She has big round eyes, black shoulder length hair, and yeah… D cup.. She’s pretty.. mm more likely cute.. the only suggestion I could give to her is… she could maybe change her hair style, like colour maybe? or make it to curly? would be nicer.. but no problem if she doesn’t want to, she’s alright. is there any other aspect I could give about appearance? I don’t know, it was too dark anyway.

She doesn’t speak English. that’s no problem. She speaks basic, like OK? or you cold? Attitude is fine too. She’s nice lady. I love her. HOWEVER



hell no..


It made me upset.. if.. if Bella didn’t lie to me.. didn’t fool me… at least being honest and told me her massage place is only for dick…

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.41.29 pm.png
You don’t know what’s normal massage

I wouldn’t waste my $100.. oh yah.. she charged me $65/hour as well. Her homepage said $60.. but that’s ok maybe because She didn’t update her website.. isn’t big deal.. But I was going to tip Elsa at least $10… I spent $15 for milk tea, $15 for undie, I’ve got $70 left.. and paid $65… so I tipped her $5 instead..

Sorry Elsa, really, forgive me being naive. I thought it’s legit place.. but your massage was really horrible.. I mean.. this is the worst massage in my life maybe..  I don’t know.. Can I even finish this post..? ㅜ.ㅜ and goat damn it fuck I didn’t even write what I wore today… the fuck, bring it on caffery you bitch



IMG_2596 2
I didn’t wear a perfume today because I didn’t know I’m getting massage. This is linen water (?) you can spray it to your cloth so you don’t smell like old ash tray
Jacket from Acne
T shirt from I don’t know
Jeans from DG
Hat from Rag & Bone
Boots from Redwing
Ciggy Esse change
Sunscreen from COSRX
Base from Laura mercier
Lips from Benefit
Eyeliner from Tonymoly
Eyebrow from Shu uemura
Contouring from Anastasia beverly hills
Setting powder from Nars
Blusher from Nars
Anti biotics from Aspen phamacare Australia
Bag from Celine
Nail colour N/A
Toe nail colour (Ron) Burgundy. Sorry I’m not toe-fuckyou-ing.

Thus Elsa is nice lady, but not the best massage lady. Yeah it’s funny because I expected real messure from this place, WARNING This. place. is. not. legit. massage. place.

If massage is horrible, at least let me sleep… so I can think I pay $65 for claustrophobia-able room. The music.. was techno-ish, house-ish … I think it’s because to hide their fap-fap sounds. But you know what, I could still hear it.

I.. I really don’t know.. how people really.. really can cum if there’s another fap-fap sounds.. like how..

There’s wall, but not until ceiling. Do you understand, It’s more likely.. ugh… there’s wall, there’s door, but it’s not a proper room. I somehow could listen some words from next room, a girl said

“Because She’s crazy”

and I was like

The music wasn’t relaxing, Massage was horrible, could hear fap-fap sound.. couldn’t it be better? I prayed to my Rosemary God to finish this session earlier but Elsa is nice lady. She doesn’t waste my money. … …….. the worst part of massage was .. oh well.. too many… Firstly She doesn’t know where’s where. Secondly too fast. I mean her hands’ movement is way too fast, It’s going to be mood killer, When I learnt massage M8, the senior messure taught me that.. that’s the whole pointt of massage.. relax your muscle tension right.. but her quick hands made my muscle frightened. Why would you move your hands so quick it’s not part 2 yet, It’s only part 1.. poor my muscle, especially legs.. which handled deadlift last night and also legs press.. I almost shout because it’s too painful even though I like strong massage from guys. She can’t be stronger than guys right… But you know She’s there for fap fap not massage. so I won’t blame Elsa but Bella.

Then It made me sad again, She probably doesn’t want to massage female either, let’s say Bella charges customer $60, pays Elsa $20 maybe.. or a bit more? and Elsa perhaps do jerk- off for $20, if it’s lucky day, some customers would ask her to suck for $50. That’s $100. But She’s apparently the least popular girl amongst Bella’s 4 girls today,

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.45.30 am.png

Erina/Chanel booking essential, Lily is new… Elsa probably didn’t have choice.. Bella would’ve told her off to massage me because it’s better than nothing. Poor Elsa.. She could’ve made more money unless I booked her but your boss told me to have you.. Sorry,…. It’s my bad… I should’ve brought more cash so I could compensate your time.. but nah.. your massage is horrible and your boss lied to me.. so I wouldn’t give you tip anyway.. I still can’t believe I spent $100 for this. The fuck Bella, why you fuckin lie?


Funny we were having chit chat after session, I was like

“You know I have so many friends who like massage than full service.. I’ll tell them about your place.. Elsa is nice girl”

and She was like

G…g….girl friends?

No, don’t worry girl, now I’m talking to my dick friends.

Overall, Bella is pretty mamasan with almost 0 makeup. She’s pretty good. I’d give solid 9.5/10 for her face. I can’t tell about her body because She was sitting there most of the time, and She was fully clothed on. I’m still doubting that internet Bella is same as real Bella. Her spoken English isn’t good as written English. I don’t know how GFE happens when the ML can’t speak any English. Isn’t your GF talk too much sometimes? I don’t know how people still ejaculate when they hear everything outside. I don’t know was Bella even listening when I was talking to her. She asked me if I finished work for today, twice. TWICE. There was one tall girl and She seems very… energetic and talkative. I suppose that’s Chanel. I suppose she’s popular for western customers because She’s not very pretty (generally speaking, no offence) for Asian. You know Asian’s beauty standard, right.. but guess She’s very friendly to customers. That’s her potential!!! but THAT MEANS FUCKING NOISY NEXT DOOR heh… heh….hee..ehhehe… … Elsa is nice lady. Please book her when you want to go Bella’s place. Because I’m sorry. Sorry for being naive, Sorry for trust her boss, Sorry for everything.. It shouldn’t have happened… Please book her but ask her not to massage. Ask for quick jerking off. She’s nice lady. Please treat her well.. Hope She liked taro milk tea though… all the best Bella’s business! ❤️❤️❤️













Visit there if you want to see AL x Bella’s love making. It’s fuckin fucktarded


and the fuck I forgot to calculate parking ticket?

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 3.45.39 pm.png

Finally sex


This is.. genuinely funny.. Daft punk clapping gif…

Music is … tremendous… indeed.. I think Calvin Harris deserves to get the Novel prize since many of his songs are just great. Easy flow .. don’t get bored so easy.. etc. Not only music, but painting, performance, installation.. something that inspires you as fuck!!! ART WORKS!!! It’s really awesome because imagine Kim-jong-un want war so bad but He maybe sometimes listen Chopin to calm him down. So Korea is safe right now. I don’t know? maybe.. Like you know the hero in Xmen series, yeah movie series.. there’s a professor who can read people’s mind and sometimes he changes other’s mind too, that’s his gift.. remember? But the other guy wears strong iron helmet so his super power became impotent. That’s not impossible.., I mean.. change people’s mind with super power is possible, super power is creativeness.. Composers, novelist, actress and sometimes Steve jobs have same power as professor X.. I don’t know what I’m saying but to sum up, Please listen this music. It’s a good song.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.26.51 pm.png
Click if you are interested. (I linked youtube)

So.. yes! finally shag. Pftttt…. 2 months no sex and I was about to die, suffered from insomnia, depression, sugar overdose etc etc etc! Luckily I found one who can tolerate me so.. yay! we fucked! I know last time I wrote so much unnecessary comments, so this time I’d let yours know the score first.

The guy himself : 9.5/10 non smoker, no alcohol, high hourly rate(LOL), exercise regularly, humorous, prudent and sweet.

Actual sex part : 8/10 .. -2 because He needs more practice regarding slapping and chocking stuff. I can tell He’s still afraid of hurting me. Well he’s good guy so… oh well -1 more because no BBFS ㅋㅋㅋ

The one thing I really liked about this sex is DFK!!! To be frank I have a trauma of mm.. DFK, Imagine many many guys I needed to kiss, I.. I didn’t like it. Because half of customers had a bad breath, (I can’t complain since I had 6 fucked teeth before I got treatment ㅠ.ㅠ) and the way they kiss is w…wrong, no, no. Maybe some other girls like that style.. I don’t know. . I just didn’t like DFK so I invented the way to avoid DFK, when I worked.

When customer approaches me like this…

I try to open my mouth as BIG as I can, like this

So they can’t kiss me but laugh


I wasn’t that keen on DFK even with my EXs, maybe because I was insecure about my rotten teeth, broken teeth, smoking breath, whatever.. or maybe I am changed somehow with no reason as I’m getting old? You know people don’t eat zucchini because they don’t like it and all of sudden they start to eat. (I didn’t eat zucchini until I was 20 years old and I now fucking regret my wasted 20 years. but I still don’t like egg plant… texture.. is.. weird.) Like this.. so I tried it, well I liked quiet a lot? hehhehe

Well and BBFS, fuck I don’t know why I’m so obsessed about it, Maybe because I feel like I’m working with condom? But wait, doesn’t make any sense because many guys who sleep with non-working girls still wear a condom not only because STI but also contraception, right? Please say yes! :/ It shouldn’t be a big deal, I mean condom or no condom right, I may have manipulated by previous boyfriend because He kept saying that condom is bullshit no condom is the best. Yeah.. was kind of agree because seems like condom makes me less-wet. But it’s not true, apparently. The things you can see clearly and objectively when you wake up from dream..ㅋ when you’re not in love right, I can see how immature we were, my life! (mm kay, I’ll give you back +1, so it’s set. 8/10)

Imagine what if I was pregnant! fml! BBFS is overrated!

Funny part of me trying BBFS was that.. I tried to tangle him with my close guard,

So I can just put it inside
But he succeed to excape

How can girls beat guys? Sagami game strong. Oh yes and DATY.. hehe so I came twice when I’m on top, once from DATY. Happy ending isn’t it? He only came once though,

It’s so easy to cum when I’m on top, I think it’s because it stimulate my clit very well, and when the guy knows how to angle my pelvic, push it down, make it more stable movement then I’m like

giphy (2).gif

giphy (1).gif

giphy (3).gif

Cum 3 times sounds good. Definitely good one, but yesterday’s the best part was

⭐TUMMY RUBBING⭐ omg so good I thought I’m a dog. It’s so relaxing. made me calm, I don’t know how do I express, so cozy,  like home… warm.. like mother’s womb.. like the lecture when it’s spring.. about 2pm, sleepy but not really sleepy, but your eyes are softly slowly closing.. you are melting… you know


I threatened him

“You need to stay here 30mins more after we finish sex”

Because I was worried about me having heart attack, It’s funny He didn’t ask me to fuck I asked him, but I still worry about I’m in panic because the picture of empty bed after sex is really traumatic. REALLY, REALLY… ㅋ I know .. I’m fucked.. right, I shouldn’t ask more to guys because It’s too selfish. so needy, so demanding! But He nailed it. He stayed 30mins more. We had meaningless chat and both were yawning, after he left I fell asleep straight. No anxiety attack, no over-thinking. heheheee

Overall, It was good fuck.


feel like something missing, 933 words


AR for Stone dildo, Laid D-1

Where do I start.. it began from probably bongkong’s comment.

“I fall in love with myself each time i fap”

Then I thought.. how can you love yourself when you fab? I can’t think of any, other than self-loathing or self-deprecating. But if someone fall in love with themselves when they fap fap… why not try? I already have the lowest self-esteem so it might give me a chance to recover it up. So I picked up the Laid D-1.
First.. I need to heat it up because it’s stone-made.
How it works : For anyone who’s curious

So I heat it up water.. I don’t have kettle, I don’t have large pot all I have is one cereal bowl and microwave. I pour some tap water, set timer 3mins.. not too hot, not too cold.. 3 minutes would be ok, microwave can even cook noodles within 2 minutes and I don’t want to blow whole my unit from microwave dildo itself, so tomorrow morning I’ll be in Sydney morning herald, says Dildo-microwave-Korean tried to blow up her unit or something.. so I heat water up only 3 minutes.

I never used it again once I got serious discharge after I used this, I thought I’m like tofu machine, I made so many tofu from my vagina.. oh well it’s like cottage cheese if there’s someone who doesn’t know what tofu is.. cottage cheese looks more similar than tofu fyi.
Guess it was candida, It wasn’t itch or burning but from the shape of discharges.. took anti biotic few times and it has gone like nothing happened. It might be not from this black shiny stone maybe just my immune system broken down, but I got that after I used this dildo. so It’s a bit traumatic. What if I am sick again so I can’t have sex tomorrow if I ever get chance? you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow right.. maybe hot wet sex! perhaps not though.
While water is warming itself I think about vitamin.. who bought this dildo to me.. smart ass.. who educated me black tea’s history while I was sucking hard gong-cha and Einstein’s when I was shoving up 순두부.. Nelson mandela.. when we just walked around Marrickville but I knew who is Nelson Mandela.. The one that inspires me as fuck like .. dead lift 150kg..  When I asked him
“What you gonna do with that strong hamstring and ass? don’t you think it’s a bit waste to do .. 150-180kg for you, you are not Mr olympia you know”
He said he gonna pound me like hammer.. drill.. with that tight ass…! lean hamstring.. gonna be real strong hammer and drill.. with his soft 17cm dick.. From just imagining it.. I got wet.. fuck it’s gonna be fun!!!!.. but then He rejected me so bad. Like never gave me a little tiny hope.. almost killed my any expectation so I can’t expect at all.. bitch.. I love you.. but I hate you but I’m your big fan..
Then I realised I need to wear a perfume, like caffery does whenever he visits brothel. I looked at my sink there were only 4 choices..
  • Jo malone’s basil lime mandarin
  • Jo malone’s blackberry and bay
  • Diptyque’s philosykos
  • Maison francis kurkdjian’s 754


I chose Maison’s since other 3 I wore it when I worked.. If it brings working days memory.. I’m sure I will not be able to cum.. Sometimes I go Maison’s website to just listen their BGM.. it’s kinda relaxing..

While I was thinking this and that.. 3 minutes water is done and water was warm enough.. I put my dildo in and wait for a while.. thinking about bongkong who gave me an idea tonight.. He was probably just saying because he seemed bored.. whenever I read his comment I strongly feel his pessimistic view of life.. cynical all the way.. If he makes a movie, it would be like Woody allen’s..

Don’t get me wrong, I love woody allen.. He’s one of my favourite.. Sometime he talks too much like me but well.. I like him.. He has married with Korean and some say he’s pedo, but It reminds me of targajajouka.. the one who loves Korean girls unconditionally.. I’d call it K-fever.. then I imagine his damn cute smiley eyes.. like

Josh hartnett’s smiley eyes.. and his beard.. shaved morning but it’s already gone blue early evening.. I want to stroke it all night long.. facial hair… it turns me on.. then It reminds me that He DATY-ed Lina(42), Coco(5stars), Apple(Ginza)… He licked every Korean pussy but me.. depressing.. what’s wrong with me.. because I don’t look like K-pop star? fuck you takajakakaka.. your username weird!!! I was angry for a while.. then I put my finger in water, it’s already cold.. I needed to warm it up again.. fuck my life

So I put bowl again in microwave… this time I set 5 minutes because I know I’m going to think about something for a while.. such ADHD.. all I wanted to was masterbate and now it’s half past 2 already.. I smell good, water is getting ready, thought about guys so I got excited and what I’m doing until water is done, I’m going to just think about dicks.. long dicks, thick dicks, small dicks… wait.. then I think about chinaman.. innocent, unexperienced, insecure about his size… performance… well It’s gonna be fun if we try any kind of position that he wanted to try.. because he’s such a curious guy.. and seems anti social.. like me.. it’s going to be fun if we fuck whole weekend.. nothing else.. but he last long only like a minute… pre-ejaculation.. can’t be that good if he cums too quick.. He wouldn’t know how to DATY or fingering either.. it’s depressing… He’s size is fine actually.. I was quite happy with my ex’s.. fuck Korean’s gochu… so tiny.. but gochu god is fair because they make it as fit to Korean girl’s size… Imagine Harry’s.. put harry’s inside of me.. not only my pussy will be damaged but also my other organs.. Imagine I won’t even put it in my mouth it doesn’t fit… I’d just lick like I licked AquaS’ seasalt x avocado softserve but I’ll just laugh so hard than lick, even though I’m naked.. and grabbed his dick with my two hands.. because he made me laugh all the time.. how the fuck can we have sex if he’s that funny..

Expected comment from him : I’m gonna sue you fuck I feel sexually harassed.

He’s too funny.. like top 5 funny guy in my life…

Water is ready.. I put my dildo in again.. can I masterbate tonight?.. It should be done because I want to read bongkong’s review.. of my review..

“Once you are done and written it i will fap while i read your AR and then do my own kne about that.”

Then I think.. what’s going on.. all of sudden I’m anxious.. Why I need to write a masterbation after report it’s not even that pride behaviour… what if my family or friends find out I write this rubbish on my blog..

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.34.36 pm
It’s now 85 not 30.. should I worry about it? Plug-in doesn’t seem to work.

My mum cried twice in front of me, once when I asked her why she cheat, it was when I was 24? 25 years old.. and once I shaved my hair and had facetime with her. If she finds out I’m writing review of I’m poking myself with black stone dildo she will cry a lot and kill herself too.. it’s depressing.. this idea killed my horny-ness.. I don’t want to put dildo or any finger in myself anymore but I want to cry.. I have work tomorrow and I wrote this until now and it’s half past 3… .but guess it generates more interest.. interest means more visitor.. more visitor means more Wordads clicks.. therefore money…

Then I think about beta101.. who gave me an idea of ads.. who’s mad and actually really good at UFO catcher.. imagining all the plush toys he won… imagining his room full of pikachu, eevee, snoopy and so on.. but He falls in love every time with Korean WL but not me.. such innocent soul… He’s sometimes bitch @forum but.. I don’t want him to get hurt because of WLs anymore.. If I become too rich because of this blog I’ll buy a ufo catcher machine and install it @n5m so we can hang sometimes…

Sad.. after report

Firstly, it’s all my fault because I said “yes”

I shouldn’t have.. right.. if I wasn’t that interested.. If i can make excuse… because vitamin was like this, targakajakakaja was like this, they asked me to out and I had fun. So much fun.. so I thought that maybe this guy would be the same?! maybe…

I’m so upset because it was “official” date…. neither vitamin or tarkakajaka called our “catch-up, dinner or hang-out” as a date, but this one… It was official date right… It’s lie If i say I didn’t expect any… I even skip the work-out half of it because I was afraid that I’m sweating so my hair gonna be fucked. LOL my bad… expectation…

But who fuck on the earth would not expect if someone call you out and call it a date?

I was thinking that maybe writing an after report is bit harsh to him? shouldn’t I?… then again If I don’t, if he never know what’s wrong with him, He will die alone. I don’t want that. Because I got a free meal. Even though I spent(should I say WASTE) my precious 40minutes. He’s not a bad-bad guy. Just… not my type. I’m like the girl who falls in love every hour. so… If he is not my type then he’s no one’s type.

*just small tips from his first messages*
Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 9.31.56 pm

Don’t ever call Korean independent single woman as a “noona”, Even though you know you are younger than them. It’s more likely insulting.. better call them bitch or cunt. Noona is just wrong… WRONG

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 9.26.26 pm

NO excessive emojis. It looks very immature, no one wants to date with baby-boy.

He mentioned that

I will be fun to hang out with, because I’m a bit crazy and very energetic.

Ok, everyone could think this way so I was like

I came to meet him, He didn’t have anything to talk, like… nothing… to talk.

I needed to ask him how’s life, what do you do, why did you want to meet me so bad, etc… and all the answers were very… not… interesting… not in a flow…

I was bit annoyed, because.. with my point of view right.. if you really wanted to meet me, you should have so many things to talk to me and ask to me. I stopped trying to keep conversation, was waiting what he’s gonna say, tic toc tic toc… a minute,,, 2 minutes… and He finally….

Answered his phone call LOL talked on the phone in front of me for like few minutes.

Man, don’t waste my time like this. If you didn’t ask me to out tonight I’d have fun time with anyone.. like anyone but you..



Another fun thing to hear was that

I’m the “crazy” one so I should show him my craziness?

It’s really funny and …. kind of shocking.. that … how, people … think about me… right … people think that I’m genuinely crazy, and mad so I post nudes here and there, shout in public, cut my wrist, sleep with this guy and that guy..  etc? right?

Well, nothing much to say.. If he thinks that way.. What about go zoo, and watch monkey? Well that would cost more than $16 though,

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 10.51.48 pm

I warned this guy, earlier today. I’m calling police now.

However, you learn new thing everyday.

Don’t ever meet “any“one because they ask so, better starve than waste your precious 40 minutes.

To be honest,.. HOW THE FUCK THIS GUY CAN ASK ME TO OUT??? like… HOW?????? how can he really.. really be… confident.. like this????? like how!!!!????  I really don’t understand. I’m not playing KPS but the fuck how?? how can you be so confident if you don’t have anything? I’m not talking about money, maybe he drives Lamborghini who the fuck knows, … If he is not ready to meet a girl, how can he asks “me” to out if he thinks I’m special.  I’m so upset….. I was laughing first… I laughed a lot… but now I feel like.. My value seem to be so depreciate since I met this guy. I didn’t even ask his name.. time wasting… I felt sorry to tarkgkakaka, harrycd and vitamin (❤️my 3 vips❤️) since I met this guy.. I made their grade so ….down… Fuck I should’ve had congee @timhowan. or should’ve finished whole workout session… just not this guy… but I learnt something.. really valuable thing.. I’m so upset can’t deny but learnt definitely something from it.

(728 words ㅜㅜ)


Before date (seems excited)

While I was with him….

Afetr that 40 minutes…