It’s been a while since I went to my last BJJ class, I guess I only skipped a week but compare to what I did before, (before competition I attended like 5 days a week) .. yeah I think I was experiencing slump 😞

The hardest part is until you step on the gym entrance. I mean.. make decision is easy. for me I decided like “Ok, tonight I’m going!” and skipped, and like “OK, tonight I’m really going.” and skipped, and then I was like “OK, I won’t do BJJ anymore unless I go tonight.” and skipped it again. I know I’m a weak pussy 😞… But once you get in to gym, like today, you will be fine… sweat like before, it’s even more fun because it seems you do better than before! (maybe it just feels like)

BJJ was still fun, as long as I don’t spar with someone who doesn’t know how to spar, I mean, you don’t fight all the way when you spar, because it’s for training not for glory of winning. Imagine a 80kg guy in his 20’s and a 50kg woman in his late 20’s strength can’t be same. But some people’s Ego is too strong, They never want to lose.. especially the girls… I’m not afraid of big guys, because they know how they strong, but girls.. they don’t know their power they often, under-estimate their strength. But more than that, they don’t want to lose. bitches are real…. women’s sense of rivalry,,… that’s a real struggle…

Anyway, after class we were talking about GI, which is.. the “uniform” when you do Jiu-jitsu. I always wanted to have “shoyoroll” because it’s limited batch always, that’s the only reason.. I’m so weak when it comes to “LIMITED EDITION” like my golf bag.. I waited like 3weeks to get my golf bag because it’s so white, and also it’s so limited.


However, shoyorolls are ridiculously, way too expensive.. 😞 because once they release it, and one person can purchase only one time, most of older batches are sold with premium prices… ㅆㅂ marketing…

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 10.58.59 pm.png

USD 325.. which is 410 AUD…

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 11.00.23 pm.png

Terry richardson wears it… 595 USD… which is 751.78… AUD…

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 11.02.44 pm.png

Look those kawaiiiiii detail… 695 USD,… which is.. 877.75.. about to 900… lucky that doesn’t have my size.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 11.04.22 pm.png

This one is even “USED” and it’s 1200 USD, 1514.52 AUD 😊 FML! yeah if I buy A1, I could wear it after hot-salty-water-laundry like twice, or maybe three times… but yeah, it’s too much. anyway

Maybe it’s really all about.. money. Once someone told me the meaning of belt colour. it’s to make people keep coming… coming back. because they pay. lol maybe, no not maybe, it sounds so true. But what can I do? virgin active is too far, (price are same as BJJ) I don’t think I can go often if it’s in City or Moore park… unless I move to waterloo again. 😞 Hot yoga fucked me up I got dizzy from dehydration they don’t even let me drink Gatorade during session.  I’m dying ok? I need to drink it.

Anyway, I wrote about BJJ because seriously many people worrying about me if I’m so depressed. from maybe my last blog..





I’m fine!

yay Saturday


had 3 matches, never won but lost 3 times. The only thing I regret about is,.. that I didn’t have to tap-tap when the first girl tried to RNC me, but then I thought “oh, I might save some energy for later” WTF ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ so I tapped. WHY Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Should’ve continued if there’s 1% chance still exist, 🙁 and need more study about take down. I may go get some judo class -.- I really want to win… …

before this comp, I was more nervous than last competition. and after this comp, felt much greater than last competition. I just want to win at least once in my life ㅜㅜ

Booked pilates Class FINALLY! haven’t had it since like last January. LOL yeah… didn’t go almost more than half year 🙁 because I had too much fun doing BJJ…

the problem of not doing pilates is 1. the body shape :T 2. body ache everywhere… so yeah.. anyway booked on next Tuesday, and Friday. better park @straty and train to central I think… wow it reminds me that now I have a car and barely use BMWs… Buses Metro and Walkingㅋㅋㅋ imagine before I had like 3 pilates classes /week and 3 personal training,/week,  only moved by BMWs… how, HOW!!! because maybe I was in Marrickville -.-ㅋㅋㅋ now I live @silverwater. my life @silverwater+ driving is much better than @marrickville+BMWs by the way.

yeah I’ll write some tomorrow as well, (as usual maybe it’s just saying) I wish I could find a decent cafe which I can concentrate very well so I write or finish all my articles ㅠㅠ why it’s so hard to find one that like any cafe in 합정동 or 한남동?? i mean, independent, small, work-able cafe in sydney never exist????? ㅜ


White belt struggles

I didn’t even finish 2 posts yet in this category


but I want to write something new instead hehe… promise I’ll finish those sooner or later one day…

Today is very monumental day because I CRIED LIKE WHALE @bjj class because

  1. My ego was killed
  2. I am nervous AF
  3. Annoyed to myself

I cried once before because I didn’t tap quick when I was trapped in armbar, it was a week before my first competition, and my elbow was a bit fucked. It wasn’t that bad injury but I was so sad because I was worried that I may not able to do 100% when I compete due to my elbow uncomfyness.. 🙁 was more likely upset at the girl who armbar-ed me. it’s also my bad not to tap quick though,

Today was good session, instructor taught us well enough, half guard to back mount etc etc.. spar time came, I was like smashed like me @my first competition 3 times in a row.

I didn’t announce here that I’m going to compete on this Saturday again, though, yes I am.. and I thought that I, definitely got better after first competition and few weeks more of training. Was it 8th of May? so it’s almost 2 month and I thought I got better 🙁 🙁 🙁


you know what?? I.. I think I have a problem LOL I start, and never finish

10 Struggles Of The New Jiu Jitsu White Belt

I was reading this and I don’t want to write more because

  1. Need shower asap I smell bad
  2. I need some sleep, I’m like tired ALL THE TIME I don’t know why. am I pregnant? who’s father tho
  3. Just lazy I just want to have hot shower, get rid of muscle pain and sleep like koala

I know I always say that I’ll finish it this weekend and I’ve never done, but yeah… as I said I’ll finish it sooner or later… it’s free to read so… good night❤️



Many of you have asked me, Why Brazilian Jiu jiusu not Taekwondo? yeah yeah Because I’m Korean and I’m disqualified as Korean citizen unless I am blackbelt in Taekwondo….

I wrote some reasons that Why I am into BJJ so much recently, have a look… just for fun.

One of my girl tried to convince me like “Hey 언니, I’ve been learning BJJ recently and It’s super fun. you wanna join? There are heaps of hot guys too!” Hence I joined very that day. Seriously ㅋㅋㅋ what could more stimulate me other than hot guys? ㅋThere were actually some hotties❤️ and whenever I could touch, stare their upper body accidentally, I was like .. 😳😳😳. Besides, I could have a chance to spar with them… We literally cuddle (in different way though) in public ❤️❤️ I sometimes touch their huge biceps, sharp abs (not on purpose, it’s needed when you roll OK) and it felt great… 😊 not many guys come to learn BJJ for losing weight purpose. Because It may not very effective compare to other sports. They do this for fun. (and also they already doing some other sports this and that) Some drink Alcohol for fun, Some smoke weed but this guys do BJJ for fun.. How healthy mind?!!!?! That’s what I’ve been looking for in my entire life!.. …. .. I’d better stop admiring them here though. ***I don’t do BJJ on getting husband purpose***

Life is tough, at least for me. I’m still suffering from poverty sometimes, still thinking about ex even though he dumped me a year ago. My room and toilet need to be cleaned as well as my Car. Tons of unpaid bills, fines, there’re boss’ 3 missed call on my phone, yet, you forget all these things once you face to the moment that you are getting smashed like ugly potato. The opponent, (could be hot guy though) will try to choke you, arm bar you, kimura you to win. Your brain, hence, will be overloaded by the thoughts that you’ve learnt in Gym. Such as armbar/triangle choke counter, spider/inverted guard pass… (you can youtube those! it’s useful) There’s no even single second to think about your life struggles.. and after all you then are dopey as well because 1 decent rolling (sparring) burns approximately … …

(well I read some article that shows exact number but I can’t find it now. I found this table instead though,)


I, drink tones of water, zoned out for a while, and literally I can’t, am not able to think about my messy room, Girl’s wage $8000 that I’ve just lost, bills and works, et cetera… I am just too wasted.. Many of my friends, include my ex, told me that I often, worry(or think) too much unnecessarily. We call it “기우” but I don’t think there’s such English terms for this. (woo-hoo! there’s Chinese, though)


 It’s just one of my weakness, but then I’m OK when I do BJJ.

2 more reasons are coming soon! I’m just too lazy at this moment. Happy Sunday!

My first BJJ competition!!! (1)

I started to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu on 7th of February, and decided to compete on 7th of April. Everyone in my gym dissuaded me to do it because

  1. I’m the weakest one in there.
  2. I was only noob, trained only 2 month.
  3. can’t even do armbar properly or never swept anyone when we rolled.
  4. the biggest concern!! there is high percentage of getting injured from competition.

However, I was wondering whether I became stronger, or.. actually wanted to use some skills what I’ve learnt. or I just wanted to challenge on something because life is boring without it.

I had 3 weeks to prepare it, I trained really hard. I used to go 2-3 times a week before, I then went to gym 6 days a week after I told instructor that I’m competing on 30th of April.

I lost my weight as well, I was in 51.5kg devision so I made my self to 50kg. It wasn’t that difficult since I’m on a diet 24/7 anyway. I just trained a lot and drank tons of water.

I strongly believe that I improved a lot, really a lot from the preparatory[breaking-in] period.

you know what… It does really take a lots of effort to writing something in English..I knew it! I thought so!!!!!!! but i thought it’d be easier than essay assignment… but it’s same shit.. am I allowed to write bad words here such as shit, damn, fxxx, shiba etc etc?? I hope so.. because I say a lot in actual life…. I was going to finish in one article but guessing It’s impossible. I have lots of things to do except blog. I am not a professional blogger!!! 😡 I could finish this in 3 articles? so please stay tuned. I’ll be back when I’m back…