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Karma bitch

I got new yoga mat on my birthday right, like last Friday. It was pretty, Pink mat + beige kinda grey strap combination. After 2 classes, I mean on Saturday I decided to leave my mat there because everyone seems leave their mat there. There are 3 options. Bring your own every time when you […]

pelvic bone issue

  My last sex was 7th November 2017, so it’s 2 month no sex. I am horny, I’d love to fuck someone but I want a good sex. like real good sex. You know when you fuck someone who you don’t like much and then you feel something is missing after all… even though you […]

confronting a new relationship

So, I’ve been out with a NEW guy for like more than a month now, We are not officially in relationship but have spent few weekends together, I even cooked for him (wow), etc so it’s more likely couple sooner or later. From K-girls’ point of view changing Kakao talk’s profile picture (voluntarily) means everything. […]

Approval addiction

I have too many things going on my head so I often forget the fact that I’m holding something. As a result I drop things to floor very often, it’s either broken/crushed(in case I drop a fragile things eg. Mirror, Cup) or become a mess (in case I drop food. esp liquid… imagine I dropped […]