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Chelsea weekly

3/9/18 Once the teacher was like ‘move your body freely’ and everyone(24 people) kind of.. started move their body a little passively. and He cued again ‘move more freely, bigger’ and people started really move around class and kinda danced.. and then He said ‘bigger! can you make bigger than that! what about dance? can […]


5 guys asked me if i’m working again so i write even though i am busy at doing my things ๐Ÿ™ why it’s so important though, i mean there must be a reason if i chose to work interstate, i didn’t want people talk about me. But anyway, if i take that big part of […]


Been doing yoga for a month now ๐Ÿ˜€ It took more than a year to find out why people do love it. Life is a sequence of research. Figure it out if you’re curious about something, do something about it if you think it’s mystery. Share with others when you know why it happens, how […]

Driving thoughts

If I stay on Lane 3, I am likely fucked because sometimes there are too many cars which want to turn right (because they want to go Burwood), and its long queue is over the right-turn-lane to the Lane 3. Therefore I have to wait until the right turn sign turns to green, even though […]