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The observer

Working other places is like going to summer camp. Meet different types of people, but i can sort of categorise into few … species. Girls : The talkee Sarah chinese fucking annoying nonstop talking with the squeaking toy voice The sleepee Thai Rita, Thai May (i met them in different place) sleep whole day and […]

Happy easter 🐣

Living a vagabond life for more than 3 month now. The hardest thing is not packing and moving in every few days, now i get use to do it so i can manage it better. Either sleep in somewhere not really comfortable, although I do appreciate when i get lucky sometimes so able to sleep […]

A likely story

1 I used to make a thousand dollars a day easy when I was new and fresh. Business went down quickly since there’s been newer and fresher girls, today i am sitting here all day and only made few hundreds. I remember when it’s new years eve, i and few of working girls went to […]


I hate Philippines! Locals are the worst people, Stop asking me why I’m single! I answer “because I like it” they ask me WHY again, So what’s the point??? if I give them a hundred reasons of why it’s good to be single they’d ask me again WHY taxi driver, server at local restaurant, divers, […]

quick update

Kung fu yoga : really shit movie but I watched it all somehow, it’s one of the shittest movie ever in my life, try to watch it if you want to feel sick. it’s on Netflix Married guys : They are the best! what I don’t like is liar, not married-guy itself. I love married […]