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I hate Philippines! Locals are the worst people, Stop asking me why I’m single! I answer “because I like it’ they ask me WHY again, So what’s the point??? if I give them a hundred reasons of why it’s good to be single they’d ask me again WHY, so dumb!!!😡 ‘Me no English’ strategy after […]

quick update

Kung fu yoga : really shit movie but I watched it all somehow, it’s one of the shittest movie ever in my life, try to watch it if you want to feel sick. it’s on Netflix Married guys : They are the best! what I don’t like is liar, not married-guy itself. I love married […]


I’d rather question myself “how do i make him to like me?” than “Does he like me?” But if there’s no chance to make him to fall in love with me Give up, let go. that easy Perth sucks. didnt go well with blueberry guy, business is quiet as hell and i found spycam wtf […]

at tribe hotel

It’s crucial to have fit body(being healthy) not only because it looks good but also it helps to achieve your goal. A goal doesn’t necessarily have to be a GOAL but if I’m not fit, (like right now) I long for comfort in earlier stage, If I can’t find ease, I become impatient. If i can’t […]