The observer

Working other places is like going to summer camp. Meet different types of people, but i can sort of categorise into few … species.

Girls :

The talkee

Sarah chinese fucking annoying nonstop talking with the squeaking toy voice

The sleepee

Thai Rita, Thai May (i met them in different place) sleep whole day and night. Work sometimes but not much and i wonder how can humanbeing sleep that much? When i saw rita for the first time i thought she’s dead but she was breathing.

The fightee

I won’t mention the names but once there was a fight between chinese and vietnamese girls, they start with light argue ended up vietnamese girl grabbed knife and we all were scared shit out of us. Shop had to hide all knifes following day.

The liar

Many girls fool customers that they are Japanese and i think it’s funny.

The shoppee

Girl who keeps on asking if the bag(or shoes) that she’s been looking for, look alright. Personally i don’t ask opinion to others if i want to get something and this is possibly why not many people like how i wear but isnt why would you buy something that someone likes not buy something that you like

The Chefee

Girl who cooks whole day and feeds me ๐Ÿ’•

The girlfrriend

Girl who talks on the phone with her boyfriend all day. They argue sometimes and often they’re upset. I personally don’t understand how this works. If i were guy i would never able to share my girlfriend with others but there are just many cases of this ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ so

The mommy

Girl who talks on the phone with her kids and show them to other girls. They usually work only for their kids.

The observee


Customers :

The laugter

Can’t stop laughing or talking with this type of people end up having non sexual thing so if i sense these people i stop, do my job, finish and so we can talk more but sometimes it’s not that easy so we end up doing nothing but talking.

The thank you

Keep on saying thank you while im sucking or fucking him. Way polite and no worries!

The deepthroat

Someone who really likes deep throat so forcefully push my head down or bring me to edge of the bed and drop my head reversely, makes me gag and chocked. Well i like to do it and apparently i am good at it but if there’s force it just inspires my villain mind so i bite so vigorously and i make them cry too ๐Ÿ˜Œ

The Pussyeater

I personally like to be licked only because then i can waste some minutes while i am doing nothing. 2-3 out of 10 only knows how to lick.

The Why not

Dumb fuck nugget who asks girls darned questions as well as why not when the girls are like ‘no’


๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ can i not use condom?

๐Ÿ’๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ Fuck off

๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ Why not?


๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ *rubbing clits so rough while don’t even know where’s it*

๐Ÿ’๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ i don’t think i like what you doing now

๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ why not?

The sad cunt

Someone who complains, hmm more likely discloses their sad marriage or relationship.

The awkward

Someone who is actually really literally awkward just being with in a same room. Most of people i’ve served, we get along even though they’re quiet, not very talkative but this type of people just make whole situation (include me) very awkward.

The romantic

Kiss on eyelids wtf can you not doing this

The father

Someone who brings food

The naive

Someone who says bullshit that he’s going to see me again but there’s always condition, IF i am a good girl, or IF i treat him good. Or someone who asks me if i want visa so he can help with. I call them naive because they think girls are easy to trick. .. come on, girls meet people like you 10-15 a day whereas you meet them once a while.

The adviser

Someone who starts conversation with

“I know it is hard job but …”

I’ll keepupdate when i find new species

Happy easter ๐Ÿฃ

Living a vagabond life for more than 3 month now. The hardest thing is not packing and moving in every few days, now i get use to do it so i can manage it better. Either sleep in somewhere not really comfortable, although I do appreciate when i get lucky sometimes so able to sleep in nice bed without any noises. The hardest thing is when i wake up out of nowhere, i am at the stage where i get confused where i am now, then I realise few seconds later, i was watching something and fall asleep but it was daytime and now it’s the darkest time of the day, all of sudden i am lonely as fuck, check if there’s any messages that i missed, it got worse if there’s nothing but same shit if there’s something. Then I am at the stage of like what’s the meaning of life?

I thought i no longer feel/get lonely after i came to a conclusion that there’s not much difference between get lonely and get bored but i noticed i still do!! Rarely though! It’s not because i’m single or i dont have anyone to talk, it’s from the deepest bottom of me! I can’t explain very well, though, what’s the point if i explain better than this, i am not begging for your grasp about my feeling, a-yem doing alright ๐Ÿฅบ

I hope you all have very happy holiday ๐Ÿ’• it’s amazing that there are sometimes have 745 visitors here. what kind of joke is this? And what the fork is sammy forum?

Ok so hooker isnโ€™t very pleasant title but thatโ€™s what i am so no complain, but seriously, How many sex forum in the world? So lame!

A likely story


I used to make a thousand dollars a day easy when I was new and fresh. Business went down quickly since there’s been newer and fresher girls, today i am sitting here all day and only made few hundreds. I remember when it’s new years eve, i and few of working girls went to casino and i won more than my weekly pay in a minute. Wouldn’t it be better if i bring this few hundred dollars and make it double, or maybe triple, because i feel lucky today and it’s time wasting just sitting down here do nothing. I owe money from here and there because i haven’t been winning since .. wait i actually never won so doesnt that mean i can win today? I need to bet right now


I used to make a thousand dollars a day easy when I was new and fresh. Business went down quickly since there’s been newer and fresher girls, today i am sitting here all day and only made few hundreds. A customer picked me and booked 4 hours at once, yesssss

In the room, he’s smoking pipe and offering me some. Hmm this is not too bad, actually better than i expected. I’ve seen many propaganda and it looked scary however i am more energetic, not tired after many hours of hard working, how can people get addicted on this though? He said he’ll book me another 4hours after this. He looks little strange and talking weird shit but all good, i feel great anyway oh oops! I haven’t eaten anything since he booked me and it’s already over 10 hours! I am not even peckish, this must be good for losing weight.


I used to make a thousand dollars a day easy when I was new and fresh. Business went down quickly since there’s been newer and fresher girls, today i am sitting here all day and only made few hundreds. I might finish work and go see my boyfriend. I met him at my friend’s bday party. We went to karaoke and that place we can choose pretty boys like customers do to us. He is not the most handsome guy but friendly intro. Most of customers there are working girls so he knows what i am doing, we got close quick because we have common interest, we do same job, i feel like only he can understand how i feel. I helped him out few times when he has family issues and things, because i make way more money than he makes, but that’s ok i feel be loved. He has no place to stay so we’ve been looking for a place to be together, it’s bit of pressure to make bond, deposit, few weeks of rent by myself but we love each other and i don’t feel lonely anymore so all good. He is working right now and not busy like me so i might book him for several hours and drink together.


There’s a guy with no fingers on his right hand, he has been sitting next to me or same table for a while, told me sad story how he cut his fingers himself. He asked me to lend some money because all his family, friends turned their back on him, seriously he should stop gamble and do something else oh my god! It’s been pretty shit luck to me as well, the other day i won 10k but i lost 30k gradually ever since then. I’ve been working harder than ever, as soon as i make money i can’t just sit there and wait customers because i need to get my 20k back. I swear, swear to god i will stop gambling if i get my 20k back and make some more for compensating my time waste, actually i need to make some more because i haven’t paid back to anyone yet…


I lost 5kg over last few weeks, i don’t have to sleep and eat but i don’t work hard because i don’t go work. i feel like everyone starts to talking about me even some girls, who were close to me, try to kill me because they’re jealous? I don’t know. All i do at home alone is scratch my skin until it bleeds, i believe there’s something under my skin so i’m trying to kill them but only problem is my face and body is full of scabs and it looks ugly, i don’t think anyone will pick me even if i go work. I tried few times to stop smoking but i don’t like the feeling after comedown. I sleep and eat like crazy, almost i have no will to live but shove food in until i fall asleep. I didn’t smoke for 2days and i put 2kg on so it’s hard because no customers will pick a fat girl. I don’t have much money left because i didn’t work hard but i want a bag of drug, tonight i may fuck the dealer for free, so i can get some freebies.


This is not the first time he got caught dating someone, everytime he lies to me that she’s only customer but i don’t feel that way. After we moved in together my income dropped dramatically, receptionist told me that all my regular customers complained about my attitude, maybe i am not friendly like before because i fell in love, i don’t want to fuck anybody else but my boyfriend. I paid his school tuition as well as his new iphone because he broke it while we were fighting. Now i don’t think i love him anymore but can’t break up now because he owes me heaps of money and i don’t think i can get back if we break up. I’m still paying rent for both of us .


I hate Philippines! Locals are the worst people, Stop asking me why Iโ€™m single! I answer โ€œbecause I like it” they ask me WHY again, So whatโ€™s the point??? if I give them a hundred reasons of why itโ€™s good to be single theyโ€™d ask me again WHY

taxi driver, server at local restaurant, divers, seven eleven part timer casher, literally everyone asks me why i am single in age of 30, and travel alone. it sounds like i offend them because i am single.

Most of locals in here Cebu, Philippines, speak decent Korean because there are more Koreans than Koreans in Korea, Itโ€™s just crazy.

This is my guardian deity red-bull (this is Philliphine’s maccas happy meal toy from the hostel kiddo) and the fuck you see how good i was? Wish it was real bet! I’m out of money for long now.

Here I stayed for 2 weeks now and I had Korean food every single days! And I booked several cheap backpackers through and all owners of hotels were Korean, this is crazy (how the fuck?)

I went to 24.9m under the sea, Thatโ€™s crazy too!!!! I have a big mask tan mark on my face and what kind of joke is this

Oslob is crazy too, Itโ€™s not as Korea as Mactan but people are way crazy about the whale sharks. (Include me) Iโ€™d punch in their face so hard if I were whale shark.