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Jamie thoughts

After sex, somehow our conversation turns to future career counselling a lot. I hate someone gives me an soulless advice such as “You’re pretty and young, find a rich old guy and get a easy life.”ย  better say nothing than talk shit. Some people on the other hand, try their best to give me an […]

Jamie part 2

The things that make Jamie@Perth upset. 1. Organic tampons 17ยข and 56ยข are more than 3 times different and Tampon is the thing that you can’t avoid or refuse to purchase unless you’re a man. I was getting it as usual from IGA and it gave me tons of sense of economical incompatibility. Who wants […]


5 guys asked me if i’m working again so i write even though i am busy at doing my things ๐Ÿ™ why it’s so important though, i mean there must be a reason if i chose to work interstate, i didn’t want people talk about me. But anyway, if i take that big part of […]

The Ultimate Aus99 AR Guide for the noob punters.

Do you read After report often?ย One of the largest brothel/adult parlour forum in Sydney. Once they helped me a lot make easy money (since there is 0 woman user) I eventually got sick of too many losers (I am one of them tbh) there so asked admin to ban me. With this approach […]