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Jamie thoughts

After sex, somehow our conversation turns to future career counselling a lot. I hate someone gives me an soulless advice such as “You’re pretty and young, find a rich old guy and get a easy life.”  better say nothing than talk shit. Some people on the other hand, try their best to give me an […]

The Ultimate Aus99 AR Guide for the noob punters.

Do you read After report often? One of the largest brothel/adult parlour forum in Sydney. Once they helped me a lot make easy money (since there is 0 woman user) I eventually got sick of too many losers (I am one of them tbh) there so asked admin to ban me. With this approach […]


I try my best to give girls a unique name.. you could guess from my name Xmas. I hate these names, like repeat one syllable x2. such as, Nana, Bibi, Bobo, Coco, Mimi, Cici, Didi, Gigi, Lala, Yoyo … etc It’s not creative, insincere, and not fun. I don’t like old fashioned name either, it sounds too […]


I know many guys are more interested in brothel back story than my personal issues and Once my boss told me “Please, don’t shit on public (forum). Please use your own platform, please?” I’ll bark if they want me to bark. wwoofffooofff woooffofooffww Mel started she’s pussy seller career in Sydney on 7th, December 2017. […]

Is 1988 considered as a Millennial?

Apparently, yes. When I was in Korea, stayed my mum and mum’s bf’s place, I found 2006 smart in car park and its owner was sixty something years old, someone’s grand mother. I Hello-ed once in lift and said I have same car in Sydney. We both agreed it’s great car and she seemed nice […]